Beyond Borders 

How association business events bring the world together

ICCA is in a remarkable position to publish stats and data from our 60-plus year history, detailing the irresistible rise of business events by country, city, and sector.  

We traditionally collate this info every 5 years and publish a substantial text-based document. But none of us experienced a cycle quite like the last 5 years when the pandemic threatened to bring our industry down, challenging us all as global meetings professionals to re-think how we conceive, sell, and stage our events. Our resilience forged new strategies, created new networks, and redefined the way we think, plan, and do events. The 60-year edition required a different approach reflecting a belief that the past tells only one part of the story. It is what we do next that matters most. 

Beyond Borders – How Associations Business Events Bring the World Together reflects a more creative and intuitive approach to doing business, bringing in global experts from within – and outside – our industry to forecast what we might expect on a whole range of issues; from the World Economy and the Economic Value of our Industry, to Growing Industry Talent, Association Meeting Trends, and Social Sustainability. 

Occupying the digital space, utilising videos and graphs, and bitesize quotes so readers can dip in quickly, or explore at a deeper level, but leaving with the same enduring feeling: ICCA has a voice that goes beyond business events, and we are ready to use it.  

This is our statement on our industry and the place it occupies in a rapidly changing world. 

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