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ICCA Sponsors

The International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) is the global leader for the international meetings industry with more than 1,100 member companies and organisations in nearly 100 countries and territories. As the community and knowledge hub for the industry, ICCA offers unrivaled data, education, communication channels, business development, and networking opportunities.

Sponsoring an ICCA Congress or an event from the ICCA events portfolio is the smartest and most efficient way to improve the successful image of your organization and win more business leads. ICCA sponsorship packages are tailor-made to ensure each ICCA sponsors achieve specific business goals.

Why sponsor ICCA Congress and an ICCA event?

Brand visibility

Boost your reputation alongside the ICCA brand in front of the extensive ICCA events audience. Leverage the power of your organization’s brand and get your logo on the website, social media, mailing for months before and after the dates of the key events.

Targeted marketing

ICCA events are well known for attracting highly interested international associations and members organizations. ICCA Congress and events are the right opportunities to engage with potential clients looking for business events solutions

Efficient lead generation and sales goals

Soar your network connections, learn about your potential customers’ needs, promote your services and expand your mailing list contacts

Customer perception and audience insights

Tie your organization to ICCA high-profile events and advance your business reputation and reliability. Leverage the clout earned as a sponsor to grow your company awareness and position.

As a sponsor, you also get access to privileged, valuable events insights and data.

Business development and content strategy

Showcase your organization in front of other businesses and introduce your brand to key players to further develop your partnerships or collaboration with new suppliers and platforms.

Events sponsors also get all the extra bonus visibility of the social content generated during the event. This is a great opportunity to expand on the communication strategy. Connect with ICCA social media, engage with ICCA posts and find the relevant audience to connect with. ICCA events get plenty of digital engagement which can be valuable to create themes, hashtags, and longer exposure.

Return on Investment

Last but not least, ROI. Make an effort to forge connections and your organization will gain a list of leads to follow up after each ICCA congress and event.



Get in touch with Tamara Bernstein, ICCA Europe regional director or with the sponsorship team to get your customized sponsor package.