While navigating troubled waters, the conference industry is forced to tap into new opportunities. The existing solutions are no longer sufficient, which is why we must think out of the box and reinvent conferences as we know them, together with all the stakeholders. In Flanders this process gave rise to a groundbreaking instrument, which garnered interest from industry professionals around the world.

"Since March 2020, when ICCA launched its first ever global webinar to address the COVID crisis, we could hardly imagine that we would still be experiencing the crisis 7 months later. However, through these hard times, we have witnessed great strength, adaptability and unity within our ICCA community. We believe that the hard times have also shown us the way to be creative and the ability to persevere.

With new formats and models coming into play, such as hybrid meetings, virtual platforms and many more, we are proud to see 

ICCA members utilising the tools and knowledge we have provided, as well as the community coming closer and staying highly connected, more than ever.

ICCA values the unique partnerships with our Association Relations Partners such as Visit Flanders, who have strongly demonstrated their ongoing support to their local community in the meetings industry, as well as taking part in global conversations within the ICCA community. We hope to keep inspiring each other and look forward to continued partnership in the future." ICCA CEO, Senthil Gopinath.

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