Meet the faces behind ICCA's famous First Time Attendee programme! ICCA places huge importance on giving First Time Attendees (FTAs) at the ICCA Congress a very warm welcome. Each year, just before the ICCA Congress begins, new attendees are invited to join a specialised session that aims to prepare them for success. Jam-packed full of helpful advice that is delivered from member to member, the programme has been delivered to over 3,000 delegates since it initially began and is designed with care to help them network, do business, learn, and maximise the benefits of attending their first ICCA Congress.

At the centre of the entire programme are the people we couldn’t do it without: our mentors, an amazing group of ICCA members and #ICCAFriends who are Congress veterans and want to help support and steer our newbies as they join the ICCA Family.

Meet Kirsten Rudbeck

The ICCA Congress this year will be my 5th ICCA World Congress and my third time as mentor for the first timers. To me, the ICCA congresses are among the highlights of the year – it is food for the brain: So many key learnings, inspirations, great talks and people to meet within the same field as yourself and yet doing things in many different ways – to me, working in a small team in a small country, this is a great inspiration.

With COVID-19 and disruption in the meetings industry now is more relevant than ever to meet in person for the good talks and great examples to be shared. 

I work as Head of Convention at DestinationFyn Convention Bureau and have been working in the meeting industry for 13 years.  To me, this is not a job- this is a passion! 

I am fortunate to work for a destination big enough to deliver what it takes to host international events and congresses, and small enough for a unique collaboration and where there is room for me to dive deep and truly get involved in the congresses; exploring the opportunities for impact, legacy and leveraging the opportunities that arise of congresses happening in the destination – benefitting research, businesses and society – locally and internationally.

I am eager to create value beyond the meeting itself - This is where the magic happens!

I feel honored to be a part of the FTA mentor team and to have the chance to contribute to ICCA and the Industry. I hope you will find the ICCA Congress as a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and start building your global network of colleagues and friends and widen your horizon. 

I am so excited that we can finally meet in person again and look forward to seeing those of you participating at the European hub very soon!

Thank you to Kirsten, for being an FTA mentor! Are you interested in helping our First Time Attendees to settle in? Please email to find out how you can become a mentor.