New Reports available:  Most Valuable Leads and Capital Leads


Capital Leads and Most Valuable Leads both increase the effectiveness and efficiency of finding the right lead selection for your destination. We are delighted to offer members these exciting new initiatives. Both reports can be purchased separately or together with a discount. If you want to know more about Most Valuable Leads and Capital Leads – or how to effectively use Business Intelligence to gain a competitive commercial edge, please contact your ICCA Regional Director for more information and sample data.   


Most Valuable Leads 

Knowing the economic impact of a meeting is essential when selecting leads for a destination. Business Intelligence provides registration fees info in the original currency. When aggregating the data in Business Analytics, all currencies are converted to USD to facilitate comparative analysis with other destinations. However, when selecting multiple leads from Business Intelligence it is useful to know the registration fee/revenue and total expenditure per meeting in the same currency.  

Most Valuable Leads provides members with the opportunity to obtain a report of all meetings in Business Intelligence with their economic value in USD, making it easier to identify the most valuable leads and generating the highest economic impact in your destination. The economic impact is determined by Pax, Registration Fee, Length of Meeting and Rotation Area. The leads will be ranked based on their economic impact on your destination. 


Capital Leads 

This report provides leads which are only/mainly hosted in capital cities. Of the +20K meeting-series in Business Intelligence, some 2K (10%) only/mainly go to capital cities. Please note that in 2022, some 1.400 cities hosted association meetings globally, compared to approx. 140 capital cities. Therefore, Capital Leads have 10x less competitor cities compared to regular leads. Having these leads available in a single overview will provide a new strategy, bringing a potentially higher success-rate in your quest to win bids for your capital city. 

Capital Leads image 2023