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59th ICCA Congress 2020, Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei
Japan - 38 Member Organisations (as of 1 August 2020)
Chiba Convention Bureau
Ms. Manami Murakami
ICCA Contact Person


Congrès Inc.
Ms. Ikuko Nishimura
General Manager



Convention Linkage, Inc.
Ms. Ruriko Miyagawa
Contact Person



Hiroshima Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. Kazuhiro Tsuji
Convention Promotion Dept.


Ms. Shoko Suzuki
Assistant Manager



Japan Convention Bureau -JCB- Japan National Tourism Organization
Ms. Etsuko Kawasaki     
Contact Person


Japan Convention Services, Inc. (INCON Group)
Ms. Yukari Ikeda
ICCA Contact

JTB Communication Design, Inc.
Mr. Tayakuki Tsuzaki
ICCA Contact Person 

JTB Global Marketing & Travel
Mr. Seiwa Yoshihashi
General Sales Manager 

JTB Tourism Research & Consulting Co.
Ms. Kimi Kojima
Marketing & Strategy Dept. for Meetings

Kitakyushu Convention Bureau
Mr. Nobuhiro Abe
International Convention
KNT Corporate Business Co., Ltd 
Ms. Yumiko Ishibashi 
ICCA Contact Person 
Kobe Convention & Visitors Association (KCVA)
Ms. Mika Kuroda

Kobe Portopia Hotel
Mr. Makoto Sakai
Sales Executive
Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. Yoshiaki Matsui
Deputy Director Conventions
Kyoto International Conference Center
Ms. Teruyo Seki
Director of Sales Promotion


Kyoto University Graduate School of Management
Ms. Keiko Nishimoto, CMP
Research Fellow

MediProduce, Inc.
Ms. Eri Kubota

Meeting Place Fukuoka
Ms. Akiko Nakagami
Marketing & Research
MICE Japan Co., Ltd
Ms. Mitsuru Moriguchi

Nagasaki International Tourism and Convention Association 
Ms. Tamaki Sakuma
ICCA Contact Person

Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ms. Mao Sasanabe
Convention Marketing


Nara Prefectural Government - MICE Promotion Office, Tourism Bureau
Mr. Yoshiaki Tanaka
Assistant Director


Nomura Research Institute -NRI-
Mr. Takashi Nishikawa
ICCA Contact Person



Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau
Mr. Shuhei Kohagura
ICCA Contact Person 

Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau
Ms. Asako Shiomi
ICCA Contact

Osaka International Convention Center
Ms. Nao Ikemoto
Manager International Division 

PACIFICO YOKOHAMA- Pacific Convention Plaza Yokohama
Mr. Makoto Batori
Director of Sales 

Ricoh Company, Ltd.
Mr. Kunihiko Abe
Sakura International Inc.
Mr. Shuji Saito
Business Development 

Sapporo Convention Bureau
Ms. Marico Ogi

Sendai Tourism, Convention & International Association
Ms. Yumiko Nakao
Assistant Manager
Tokyo Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ms. Kazuko Toda
Director, Business Events Team



Tokyo International Forum Co., Ltd.
Mr. Izumi Koyama  
Assistant General Manager



Toyama Convention Bureau Foundation
Mr. Hitoshi Iwatsubo
ICCA Contact

Wakayama Prefectural Government - IR Promotions Office
Ms. Arisa Maruno
Project Manager


Yokohama Convention & Visitors Bureau
Ms. Hiroko Kano
Manager, Business Events Team












ICCA 50 Year Anniversary
AIME 2020, Melbourne, Australia

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