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57th ICCA Congress 2018, Dubai, UAE
China-P.R. - 61 Member Organisations (as of 1 December 2018)
Air China Limited
Mrs. Wenjia Chen
MICE Manager
Beijing International Convention Center
Ms. Nancy Ning
General Manager Office
Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development
Ms. Fion Sun
ICCA Contact
Beijing Yanqi Lake International Convention & Exhibition Center
Mrs. Joyce Suo
Vice President
Bravolinks Integrated Marketing Co., Ltd
Ms. Yan Sun
Director of PCO Dept.

Canton International Congress Center
Mr. Eric Abramson
International Projects Director

Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Exposition (CCPIT Chengdu Sub-council)
Mr. Hailong Hou
Chief Exh. Promotion Division

China Chamber of International Commerce Haikou Sub-Council
Ms. Dan Liu

China Council for the Promotion of Int.Trade Qingdao Sub - Council
Ms. Amy Zhao
ICCA Contact Person
China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange (CCISTE)
Ms. Xu Guan
Staff, Administration Office
China National Convention Center
Ms. Angel Zhang
Marketing Manager
China Posts and Telecom Tours Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yi Liu
China Star Limited
Mr. Han Zheng
Marketing Director
Chongqing Yuelai Liangjiang Int. Hotel & Convention Management Co., Ltd.
Mr. Angus Zeng
ICCA Contact

Comfort International M.I.C.E. Service Co., Ltd
Mr. Wei Zhang
Vice President

Conf. & Exhib. Industry Development Coordinating Office of Hangzhou
Mr. Jian-Hui Fang
CTS MICE Service Co., Ltd.
Ms. Xinli Zhang
Vice president

Deqing International Convention Centre
Ms. Tianqi Hao
Sales Director
Economy, Trade and Information Commission of Shenzhen Municipality
Ms. Yin Liu
ICCA Contact
Gonsin Conference Equipment Co., LTD.
Mr. Shao Youjie
Marketing Manager
Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre
Mr. Joey Pather
Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center
Ms. Yanyan Li
PR Manager
Haikou Convention and Exhibition Bureau
Mr. Leo Kuang
Deputy Chief
Hangzhou International Expo Center
Ms. Shelly Tang

Hainan Ba Fang Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Ms. Mandy Sun
Assistant to President


Hainan Redsail Exhibition Service  Limited Company
Mr. Sai Chen
Marketing Manager


Hangzhou Tourism Commission
Ms. Tina Gan
ICCA Contact
Healife Group Co., Ltd. 
Mr. Tony Wang
General Manager
HIMICE Conference & Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Mrs. Ju Qiu
General Manager

Hunan Ruizhi International Conference and Exhibition Service Co. Ltd.
Miss Fang Huang
Person in Charge

Idevent Technology Co., Ltd
Mr. Huajun Ma
IME Consulting Co., Ltd.
Ms. Alicia Yao
Managing Director
Mr. Qingdao Wang
General Manager
MICE China
Mr. David Zhong
Nanjing Convention & Exhibition Industry Office
Mr. Haiqiu Cheng
Division Chief
Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission
Mr. YuZhe Wu
Deputy Chief
Ningbo Tourism Image Promotion Center
Mrs. Le Mao
Deputy Director
Ocean Flower Island
Mr. Rick Lee
General Manager Conv. & Exh. Cen.
Poly World Trade Center Expo
Mrs. Qianming Zhou
Sanya Tourism Development Commission
Ms. Cherry Yu
ICCA Contact

Shaanxi Provincial Tourism Development Commission, China
Mr. Lang Tang
Senior Staff

Shanghai China Travel International Ltd.
Mr. Tom Liu
General Manager
Shanghai Convention & Exhibition Center of International Sourcing
Ms. Peggy Fang
Deputy General Manager
Shanghai East Star Event Management Co. Ltd.
Ms. Lisa Xu
General Manager
Shanghai Fumed C&E Management Co., Ltd
Mr. Roger Yebin Tang
General Manager
Shanghai International Convention Centre Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kimmy Wang
Sales Manager
Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration
Mr. Patrick Chen
ICCA Contact
Shanghai Spring International Travel Service Ltd.
Ms. Ella Zhou
Deputy General Manager
Shangri-La, China World Summit Wing & China World Hotel
Ms. Imbi Sarv
Director of Sales - MICE
Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center Management Co., Ltd
Mr. Yanwei Su
Suzhou Jinji Lake International Convention Center
Mr. Weidon Yin
Taiden Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ms. Vica Huang
Marketing Director
The Conference & Exhibition Office of Chongqing People's Government
Ms. Qing Yu Gu
Contact ICCA

Tourism College of Zhejiang
Mr. Yiping Yan
Contact Director for Int. Educ

VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd.
Ms. Stella Ma
VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd
Xi’an Qujiang International Convention Centre Co. Ltd.
Mr. Jiguang Zhou
General Manager
Xiamen C&D International Travel Service Co., Ltd.
Ms. Sarah Li
MICE Division Project Manager
Xiamen Municipal Bureau of Convention and Exhibition Affairs
Ms. Felicia Lai
Liason Officer
Yangzhou China
Ms. Celine Zhu
Vice Director
Zhengzhou Administration Office of Convention & Exhibition
Mr. Yang Liu
Deputy Director
Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center
Miss Zitu Huang
Marketing Executive

Branch Member (as of 1 December 2018)

Triumph Asia  
Shanghai, China-P.R.


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