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59th ICCA Congress 2020, Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei

Message for Japan


Message from international meetings community for Japan, at MICE Research Institute/Congress Corporation website.Message from Japan Tourism Agency (JTA) to ICCA MembersVIEWPOINT: WE SHOULD STOP RUNNING FROM RADIATIONBy Wade Alison, University of Oxford (Source: BBC News, 26 March 2011)  
 “Cheer Up Japan” Noor of ICCA AP with Mr. Yoichiro Yamada and Ms. Sally Sun of Shanghai World Financial Center at ITCM China.
“Cheer Up Japan”  Noor of ICCA AP with Mr. Yoichiro Yamada and Ms. Sally Sun of Shanghai World Financial Center at ITCM China.
YUMIKO NAKAO, SENDAI Tourism & Convention Bureau, Japan
Dear Mr. Noor Ahmad Hamid,
Thank you for your warm heart-mail. I was so impressed.

I'm sorry for the delay in replying.
I could not believe such a big earthquake happened. Damage is large and tragic news makes me sad.
Fortunately, our staff are all safe, and now we are working as usual. But many international conferences has been cancelled due to problems in nuclear power plants. We are planning to join ICCA, but unfortunately it is not such a situation. I'm very sorry. But when the time comes, I will be in touch with you. I hope that'll be near future.
I sincerely appreciate your warm consideration. Please give my best regards to your staff.

JANE VONG HOLMES, Gary Grimmer & Company, Australia
Dear Friends in Japan,
God comforts us in all our affliction so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction with the comfort with which we ourselves are comforted by God.
2 Corinthians 1:3-4
Your friends around the world are thinking of you.
Best wishes from all of us at Gary Grimmer & Company.

NOOR AHMAD HAMID, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
It was Friday afternoon, 11th March 2011:
Martin Winter, Gary Grimmer, Jason Yeh and I was at the Taipei International Convention Center for the ICCA Asia Pacific Educational Seminar when we first got the news of that a deadly earthquake and tsunami strikes Japan! I felt so sad as yet another disaster has taken on this region. On 22 February, a 6.3 earthquake hit Christchurch and in January the deadly flood displaced people of Brisbane. I have been following the news about all these stricken areas very closely and hope to see positive progress.
My prayers and thoughts goes to all ICCA colleagues in Japan and their family members. Disaster does not know any boundaries, but deep inside I know that the Japanese are resilient, committed and very discipline in facing such catastrophe. And, I know that Japan will emerge stronger!
ICCA currently has 16 member organizations in Japan in cities including Chiba, Hiroshima, Kobe, Kyoto, Nagoya, Osaka, Tokyo & Yokohama . I hope that international community will come in quickly to help Japan especially in areas of rescue & humanitarian missions and providing economic support to rebuild Japan.
Therefore, I would call on all ICCA members to post your message of support to our colleagues and friends in Japan through this ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter website. To our Japanese colleagues, we want you to know that we care for you and we are thinking of you at all time!
With sincere thoughts,
PREMKUMAR RAMANATHAN, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
Dear Hiroshi San , Takako San, Kaori San, and other fellow ICCA members in Japan,
It is with utter sadness I have learnt of the devastating earthquake and tsunami that has hit Japan, and the aftermath crisis with an impending nuclear radiation threat.
I pen this note to offer my heartfelt support and prayers to you and through you, to your families and friends who are badly affected through this tragedy. My thoughts are also with the families of the victims, men and women who are struggling to save those who are still entrapped in the rubble.

Looking back with amazement that even in the midst of this tragedy, the Japanese people have maintained their unmatched capacity for stoic dignity, civic responsibility and communal discipline, I trust that the Land of the Rising Sun will bounce back again in recovery towards economy and infrastructure through this temporary setback that has weakened Japan in whole.
Warm wishes,
MARGARET LU KWAI TING, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
I have come into contact with Nakao-san from Sendai Tourism & Convention Bureau, who is keen to learn more about ICCA after the ICCA Educational Seminar in Japan in February this year. However, in an unexpected turn, I was deeply shocked and saddened to learn Sendai is the hardest hit area in Japan by Friday’s earthquake. Noor has sent Nakao-san an email but considering the city is still without water, electricity and phone service, fat chance we could get in touch with her. Nonetheless, I must say I was amazed by the qualities of Japanese and persistence of Japanese in the face of adversity. The outpouring of sympathy from around the world has been very moving and comforting. It will be an incredibly long and difficult road to recovery but we stand in solidarity and support with you. May you recover and rebuild your homes, lives, and country. In Japanese, “Sora ha tsunagatteiru node (Kimochi ha) tsunagaru to omoimasu” (The sky is continuous or not separate, then the feeling can also be connected). You will never walk alone.
Margaret Lu Kwai Ting
KAVITHA PRAGALATHAN, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
My first travel to Japan was greeted by smiles and warm hospitality by our ICCA Japanese members who became friends. I have heard a lot about the beauty of Japan, the mesmerizing country and its gentle people. All proved true when I landed there. It is indeed heart wrenching to see the buildings collapsing and water storming into the town, knowing your friends are there enduring the pain. Izumi-san, Jun-san, Yoko-san, Akiko-san, Takako-san, Tetsuo-san, Shigeo-san and all ICCA colleagues, my thoughts are with you always. My gentle prayers that everything will be fine soon. Just be strong in these testing times.
Kavitha Pragalathan

NOR NAIMAH NASARUDIN, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
It's heartbreaking to see the smiles and happiness swept away within a second.
I know it's not easy but I am positive all ICCA colleagues and everyone in Japan will overcome this temporary ordeal.
Be strong and my prayers are always with you.
"When the going gets tough , the tough gets going"
Nor Naimah Nasarudin

Dear ICCA colleagues,
I would like to send my deepest prayers and thoughts to all Japanese friends. Hope none of your nearest relations are affected by this Mother Nature’s wrath.
I hope that Japan will rise again like Phoenix, the mythical bird.
ALMY MARLIANA, ICCA Asia Pacific Regional Office
It is heartbreaking to read the article "Japan Fights Disaster with Discipline and Cooperation” from which had highlighted on the March 11 earthquake in Japan that is touted as the nation's worst crisis. What truly amazed me was the perseverance showed by the Japanese people in these times of adversity. Despite all the shortcomings, they have managed to stay strong, upholding their integrity.

Realising the uphill task faced in their recovery efforts, I hope that the Japanese people shall continue to maintain their strength and momentum in rebuilding back their nation. My sincere thoughts go out to all the Japanese people who are affected in this tragedy.
Best regards,

ICCA 50 Year Anniversary
AIME 2020, Melbourne, Australia

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