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ICCA Association Database Online Training

The ICCA Latin American Office regularly conducts online database trainings for its members; stay attentive to the communications sent by our office to receive the trainings on specific dates. If you wish to receive customized trainings on any of the tools listed below, please contact us.


The ICCA Association Database is designed to perfectly suit the marketing information needs of suppliers in the international meeting business. If you wish to learn how to utilize the ICCA Association Database to look for potential business leads and/or confirmed meetings in your destination, please do not hesitate to have an online training with one of our researchers here. You may also opt to learn more about the other products like the Destination Comparison Report and PR Kit specially designed for our members. The ICCA Data Training will be conducted via GoToMeeting, an easy remote meeting platform that enables our researchers to have online meeting with members via the Internet. We recommend a one-hour session for first-timers, ensued by a follow-up session to answer any questions you might have. This offer of online training is free for all members!

The training module consists of the following key areas:

ICCA TOOL 1: ICCA Association Database
No. Components Details
1. Selections 
  • New Search: Make a new search
    • Free Text
    • Potential Meetings: Search for potential meetings that could come to your destination.
    • Confirmed Meetings: Search for confirmed meetings in the past/ in the future.
    • Organisation: Search for local/overseas association buyers.
  • Saved Selections: Find searches you saved before.
  • Big Data: A unique way to identify local representatives who could be supportive in a bid project.
2. Leads
  • Bookmarks: Find all profiles you bookmarked.
  • Notes: Find all profiles you attached a note to (this is a new feature).
  • Hot: Find all hot profiles, meaning profiles with a first open year, deadline bids, and decision-making information. This used to be the Research Corner.
3. Hosted Buyers / Business Exchange 
  • The buttons at the bottom of the home page can be used to find profiles used in a Business Exchange or an event with hosted buyers you have registered for.
ICCA TOOL 2: ICCA Statistic Tool 
1. ICCA New Statistics Tool
  • Create reports on worldwide, regional, country and/or city level
  • Filter on specific year ranges, meeting sizes and subject matters
  • Compare up to 5 countries or cities
No. Components Details
1. Share Your Business Wins! (NEW) 
  • Share your business wins with other ICCA colleagues by submitting your winning bid details through an online form. 
1. Press Database
  • Online searchable database of the leading media and freelancers in the international meetings industry.
2. Digital Clipping Service
  • Keep track of your media coverage by using the Online News Monitoring tool powered by Meltwater News, and improve your PR efforts with the ICCA PR Kit!
3. ICCA Public Relations Kit - Guideline Articles
  • Guideline artilces from ICCA members or ICCA Congress speakers which have high expertise in PR.
4. Post your press release on the ICCA website
  • Post new or manage your press release in the ICCA Member Press Release section on our website.
ICCA TOOL 4: Logo’s & Document
1. Document
  • Download the documents for the General Assembly, guidelines, surveys, By-laws and other documents here.
2. ICCA Statistics Reports
  • Download a free copy of the statistical report on the international association meetings market.

ICCA Member Logo

  • Use ICCA Member Logo on your business cards, office stationery, documents, etc to identify yourself as a recognized professional supplier.
ICCA TOOL 5: My Services
1. Update my profile in ICCA Membership Directory
  • This feature allows members to directly update their membership details with ICCA.

Kindly drop us a line at and we will be more than delighted to show you what ICCA can bring to you.


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