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Reasons to visit Ireland

A Safe and Friendly Country!
Ireland is a safe and welcoming city with a strong, stable economy. Over the last fifteen years, Ireland’s rate of economic growth has been the highest among member nations of the European Union.  This growth has led to enormous investment in the city’s infrastructure and facilities. Despite its current economic success, the city remains one of the friendliest in Europe and maintains a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. 

Easy Access
Economic growth has led to Dublin becoming a key European business centre and there is now easy access by air from all major European and international destinations.  Dublin airport is only 12 kilometres (8 miles) from Dublin city centre and therefore only a short ride by bus or car. Once in Dublin, the city centre is relatively compact, with all major sights within easy walking distance of each other. 

First class facilities
Part of Ireland’s magnetic attraction as a business tourism destination is thanks to its excellent facilities, huge investment in science and technology, and highly developed telecommunications infrastructure!

Over 1,050 international companies now use Ireland as their European base, many more choosing Ireland as their overseas location for conferences, corporate meetings, incentive trips and events every year – with many coming back to Ireland again and again!

Ireland also boasts an outstanding selection of conference venues from luxurious castles to state-of-the-art purpose-built centres. And with warm, friendly locals, plus top activities including golf, angling and watersports, critically-acclaimed restaurants, historic sites and some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, Ireland wins out.

Put simply, it makes perfect sense to host your conference, meeting or event experience in a country that can guarantee everything will run smoothly and efficiently from beginning to end.

Tax Back
Tax Back International provide added value to the suite of services that the Dublin Convention Bureau offer their clients. Whether you are a corporate event organiser, agent or association buyer you may be entitled to reclaim the 21% tax on expenses such as event costs, advertising costs, promotional materials and transport.

Clients must register with Tax Back International in advance of the event at and you can receive advice on what exactly you can reclaim.  The service makes claiming a refund quick and easy, allowing the client to concentrate on their core business activities.

Ireland is one of only a handful of countries that allows reclaims from countries within and outside the EU, the Middle East, Asia, the USA andCanada so this is an additional attractor for Dublin as a top class destination for the meetings industry.

Join in the craic
At the end of a long working day, clocking off comes as a welcome relief and Ireland is rightly famed for its ‘craic’ – a peculiarly Irish term for fun.

The Irish are warm, hospitable and welcoming people who you’ll find a pleasure to do business with – no matter what you desire, the Irish will always come up trumps. Boasting cracking sporting events, from fast-paced thrills at the races to nail-biting golfing tournaments, Ireland has it all in large doses.

In equal proportion, you’ll find top entertainment, excellent pubs and restaurants, luxurious spas and incredible historical sights. And of course, there will always be time out to shop for everything from designer labels to uniquely Irish produce, such as delicious wild smoked salmon, golden whiskeys or exquisite hand-crafted crystal.

Socialising here invariably happens in the pubs, which have a deserved reputation as being the best in the world. A great place to relax, learn more about your colleagues, have a laugh and get to know the locals, you’ve just got to discover the craic for yourself…

Rejuvenate & invigorate
Unwinding in Ireland has never been difficult, but the island also has a fantastic selection of activities that can make your business trip or conference one to remember.

Step outside the boardroom and you can tee off on world-renowned championship golf courses boasting spectacular locations, ride down a deserted beach on horseback, chill out in utter tranquility with a spot of fishing or hike along sea-cliffs and up stunning mountainsides.

Stunning locations
For a small country, Ireland has an incredible variety of scenery. The legendary 40 shades of green shimmer right throughout the land, but you’ll also find craggy coastal regions with incredible bays, dramatic sea cliffs and inlets boasting clear pure waters and wide golden beaches framed by soaring hills.

Enjoying over 1,448km of spectacular coastline, surrounded by the mighty Atlantic on the west and the Irish Sea on the east, some of the most memorable landscapes are the rocky shorelines leading down to pristine seas.

Meanwhile, the isolated and remote islands dotted around the coast are excellent hideaways for those wishing to break free from the trappings of modern day life.

The heather-clad mountains that sweep inland have a haunting, affecting beauty; and the dark and brooding peat bogs and rugged, stony landscapes will inspire you to come back for more.

So be sure to take time out from your laptop to explore Ireland’s unique and timeless countryside.

The Island history
This island on the edge of Europe has a fascinating history that stretches back over 8,000 years. Affectionately known as the Land ofSaints and Scholars, Ireland’s hills and valleys have witnessed Neolithic farmers clear the land, fugitives seek safety in its woods, and great armies prepare for battle in its fields.

And on its furthest flung islands, fleeing monks sought refuge from persecution. Safe from harm, these same holy men were, for a time, at the very centre of Christianity in Europe.

Ireland’s rich and exceptional heritage is apparent all over the country, boasting Neolithic monuments, Viking cities, abbeys, monasteries and ecclesiastical sites, incredible castles and forts, grand country manors, stately homes and impressive city halls.

Delve into the turbulent world of medieval Ireland, explore the remains of the Land of Saints and Scholars, and get up close to Ireland’s exceptional 21st-century history.

The wide variety of restaurants in Dublin ensures that the capital offers the very best of international cuisine, with something to please every palate!  Dublin’s position on the water guarantees that seafood and fish are abundant: bowls of steamed mussels, home-made brown bread, mouth-watering smoked salmon, plump Dublin Bay oysters (traditionally washed down with Guinness), luscious lobsters, juicy pink prawns…and that’s just for starters!  Ireland’s rich pastureland is reflected in the succulent Irish lamb, tender Irish beef and pork and excellent fresh fruit and vegetables that are plentiful.  The perfect end to a meal is an Irish coffee – coffee, cream and whiskey! 




University Limerick

Opera festival - Wexford

Cottage in Mayo

Cycling in the mountains




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