On Tuesday 12 April 2022 we called for candidates to stand for election for both the Chapter Chairperson, the Deputy Chapter Chairperson, as well as the Deputy Chapter Chairperson/Treasurer, regarding the ICCA Asia Pacific Chapter Elections.

  • For the position of Deputy Chairperson came forward Mr. Eric Abramson.
  • For the position of Deputy Chairperson/Treasurer came forward Dr. Keiko Nishimoto.


Since no other candidates came forward for both the Deputy Chairperson position as well as the Deputy Chairperson/Treasurer position, Mr. Eric Abramson and Dr. Keiko Nishimoto are automatically (re)elected.

Note: Although Dr. Keiko Nishimoto did already serve for three  terms, she currently represents Ritsumeikan University Graduate School of Management, another ICCA Member.Therefore she was again eligible for elections. Under those conditions this will be her first term as Deputy Chairperson/Treasurer.

For the position of Chapter Chairperson two candidates came forward: 

On Wednesday, 4 May 2022 we send out an electronic voting ballot to all Asia Pacific Members eligible* for voting. The voting will continue until Tuesday, 17 May, 2022, 17:00 hrs., Amsterdam time.

If the electronic voting ballot did not reach you in order to provide you with a personalised voting link at: governance@iccaworld.org

*In order to have voting rights a member needs to be in good standing.

(Being a member in good standing means that the organisation of the official contact person has paid the 2022 Membership Fee).