As per 1 September 2021, Tadeja Pivc-Coudyser, The Hague Convention Bureau, will step down from her position as France Benelux Chapter Chair.

Tadeja stated: “It has been an honour to represent the ICCA France Benelux Chapter over the past few years and work closely with the ICCA Head Office. It has been a fantastic journey on which I have been surrounded by inspiring and passionate people. A big thanks to everyone who actively supported ICCA and our chapter. Especially the Education Committee, who is the heart and soul of our content sessions; Congress by design  for their organisational support; our Summit hosts Belgian Limburg, Flanders Convention Bureaus; my colleagues in The Hague, who enabled me to have the time to dedicate to ICCA; and the Incoming Chair Ramona Fischer for always being there.”

Deputy Chair Ramona Fischer will take over as acting Chair until the next elections. We wish Tadeja all the best during her future endeavours.