ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance are proud to announce the winning association of this year’s Incredible Impacts Programme, the Associated Country Women of the World. ACWW has set the industry standard in the last 12 months and has driven real change through passion, education, and creativity. 

Among a roster of impressive nominees, ACWW emerged as the winner at the 62nd ICCA Congress in Bangkok. In August 2023, the first Women’s Empowerment Summit took place in Khovd Province, Mongolia. This brought more than 300 women survivors of domestic violence together to share training, engage in support activities, and community-building initiatives. The Summit was jointly organised by Sain Tus Development Bridge NGO and ACWW, and co-funded by UNESCO.  

By applying insight, imagination, and compassion, ACWW has proven how these elements can make a significant difference and tackle issues of the utmost seriousness wherever they occur. In recognition of their exceptional work, ACWW will receive $20,000 USD to fuel future projects. Their presence and case study at the 62nd ICCA Congress will hopefully aim to inspire other associations to push the boundaries of their ideas to leave a positive and lasting impact on global communities. 

“We are inspired by the winner of this year’s Incredible Impacts programme. ACWW has demonstrated leadership in advancing positive societal impact.” says Loren Christie, Managing Director, BestCities Global Alliance. “Their work is an important reminder that meetings can spark dialogue, shift perspectives, and achieve systemic change.” 

“Each year the Incredible Impacts Winner surprises and inspires,” says Senthil Gopinath, Chief Executive Officer, ICCA. “This innovative and hugely important project shows how dramatically life-changing the work and influence of an association can be. We are proud to give this wonderful programme a global spotlight on the Congress stage, showing the world is listening to those who may not have a voice. This is proof our associations can challenge the unacceptable, build stronger communities, and advocate for positive and lasting change.” 

ICCA and BestCities Global Alliance congratulate the Associated Country Women of the World for their outstanding work. We would also like to recognise fellow finalists, The British Society of Soil Science, and The European Cyclists’ Federation for their excellent submissions. 


For more information on Incredible Impacts, visit incredibleimpacts.com