The red update button is your friend! The more you use it, the more concrete information you get. ICCA members - together with the ICCA team - are working hard to achieve a mutually beneficial situation of sharing information on the ICCA Association Database. 

Keep finding ways to press it and you'll be in the running to become the next Researcher of the Month - or even Researcher of the Year!

The SFA Connect team has secured the coveted title this month! Here's what the Team members had to say:

How is the ICCA database beneficial for your work/organization?

We use the ICCA database every day of the year (well maybe not on Christmas Day, but almost!) At SFA Connect we support multiple destinations and venues across the globe to attract international conference business with a specific focus on sector relevance. As research specialists we use multiple sources and always qualify our data, but when it comes to international association conferences the ICCA database is a really great source and is our first step to identify relevant conferences.


Do you have any tips for your fellow ICCA members?

Firstly, use the database as much as possible!! It is a really valuable asset and gives great ROI for your ICCA membership.

And then secondly, share your knowledge! As ICCA members we believe that knowledge sharing is key! Whether this is internally or members of the ICCA family. All data has a short shelf-life, so we recommend always double-checking the information by using the information in the public domain, and be sure to share your updates by using the ICCA Red Update Button!


What positive message would you like to share with ICCAWorld

We are proud to say we are carbon neutral! We are also proud to see that we are not the only ones, as more and more players in our industry have started to realise their impact in terms of CO2 emissions and the commitment to NetZero. Initiatives such as these must be communicated with associations when talking about meetings, and ICCA as an organisation can be a great facilitator for this.


SFA Connect Team

Edouard Duval, Account Executive

Rebecca Hannon, Account Manager

Heather Hawe, Account Executive

Caroline Karlsson-Smyth, Account Manager