The red update button is your friend! The more you use it, the more concrete information you get. ICCA members - together with the ICCA team - are working hard to achieve a mutually beneficial situation of sharing information on the ICCA Association Database. 

Keep finding ways to press it and you'll be in the running to become the next Researcher of the Month - or even Researcher of the Year!

Elena Garbizu, Sales and Marketing, Kursaal Congress Center, has secured the coveted title this month! Here's what Elena had to say: 

How is the ICCA database beneficial for your work/organization? 

The database, and especially the research corner, makes our research much easier. It saves us time being able to analyze many more opportunities for our venue.

Do you have any tips for your fellow ICCA members? 

Sign up for database training, you will learn many shortcuts and tricks that help you.

What positive message would you like to share with ICCAWorld? 

The more we share the more opportunities we all will have, press the red button if you have new info. It helps us all!