This month we get to know better KrowdX

What was your motivation to join ICCA? 

KrowdX is determined to bring COVID-Safe in-person meetings back to life. Our motivation is to provide meeting and event planners with the tools and solutions to turn their events into a COVID-free bubble with Safe Entry. 

Tell us your story. How did KrowdX get started? 

Founded in 2019, KrowdX has developed groundbreaking blockchain-based technologies including a patented motion-activated audience engagement platform. When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, our team of innovators came together and successfully created the World's first solution to the COVID-Safe event bubble enabling at-door testing for COVID-19. Our mission is simple; provide COVID-Free environments for people to enjoy events with peace of mind. 

What sets KrowdX apart?

KrowdX has assembled a world-class team of agile thinking technological innovators and creators. The XTeam comprises technology, healthcare, and business leaders impassioned about the impact of COVID-19 on a global scale. We share a common vision to apply our expertise and knowledge to finding customizable and scalable solutions. We provide the necessary tools for a COVID-Free environment for any industry. 

What is your favorite success story from your organization? 

KrowdX takes great pride in having developed technology and infrastructure to work hand in hand with the World's fastest and most accurate SARS-CoV-2 Insta-Test. The Insta-test device delivers test results in under 15 seconds with accuracy 18 times more than that of PCR tests. The device uses Graphene, which is a miracle product of the present and future. With this groundbreaking technology, we are actively participating in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, all the while enabling people and businesses to resume safely. 

What can we expect to see from KrowdX in the future? 

KrowdX is intent on building safe solutions for the world. KrowdX is working towards developing a solution to identify various types of contagious viruses at the door. This will be beneficial for different industries and governments and also hospitals and medical clinics. We are currently developing our "all-inclusive" airport testing kiosks which will incorporate the travelers' identity, ticket, and test result and include it in their digital health passport and/or digital wallets. This will eliminate the inconvenience and stress of locating an outside testing facility which provides certified test results. 

Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings? 

In the light of the ongoing pandemic, the trend that highlights the most is the transformation from in-person to hybrid events. Associations have effectively introduced organizing in-person events while live streaming for the audience around the world. We believe that the hybrid model of events is the next level of advancement for the business events and associations industry and it is here to stay. 

What is an industry challenge your organization is facing currently?

Reopening does not mean that the pandemic is over, without the proper safeguards and safety protocol in place there is still a high risk of infection. As a result, many businesses are making concessions that put their customers at risk.