This Month we get to know better Pakistan Expo Centres


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

Becoming a part of the International Congress and Convention Association have various reasons as one of the primary motivation is to open networking opportunities with a community of professionals in the industry. This may help us to enter into new partnerships, collaborations, and business opportunities. Moreover, we believe that this would be the right platform to attend training programs, webinars, and other resources to extract and stay up to date with the recent market trends and best practices in the field. In addition to this, as prevailing marketing practices are revolving around facts & figures, therefore, it is an important area to have a solid grip on the latest statistical data pertaining to the exhibition industry and we believe that this membership will provide us with insights on research and data which will eventually facilitate us to make informed business decisions.


What can we expect to see from Pakistan Expo Centres in the future?

Pakistan Expo Centres is a corporate entity with the shareholdings of the Federal Government and Provincial Governments of Pakistan. The mandate of the company is to develop and manage Expo Centres in major cities of Pakistan with the objective to promote various sectors of the economy through trade exhibitions, consumer fairs, and conferences. Expo Centre Lahore was the first project of the Company, which is successfully doing its operations since 2010, and now the company is engaged in the development of another Expo Centre at Peshawar whereas the work for Expo Centre for Quetta has also been started and various other projects all around Pakistan are in line.

Since we would have a presence in major cities of Pakistan so, it would be beneficial for ICCA members to consider Pakistan Expo Centres as a platform to arrange and conduct any sort of Expo, Trade Exhibition etc. and get maximum mileage and better opportunities based on the large scale presence and expansion plan in Pakistan.


What sets Pakistan Expo Centres apart?

Pakistan Expo Centres provide world-class infrastructure and a large-scale venue that is hardly available anywhere in Pakistan. Our venue holds the strength and capacity of arranging and conducting mega events and trade exhibitions where exhibitors and customers come from all around the world gather and share their business ideas and promote trade opportunities. Our Lahore Expo Centre only includes 4 Exhibition Halls, Convention Hall; 2 Auditoriums, Foyer Area, Summit Rooms, Conference Rooms, General Halls, and an extensive open area with ample parking space as well as equipped with the latest technologies and allied services that no other can provide in Pakistan.