This month we get to know better Tourism 365

What was your motivation to join ICCA? 

To network, market destinations, and find strategic partners

Tell us your story. How did Tourism 365 get started?

The management team had a long experience as FTI group owners & managers (one of the biggest tour operators in Europe) and Meeting Point (a strong regional and international DMC). They now joined through connecting with ADQ and became the tourism pillar under ADNEC.

What sets Tourism 365 apart? 

We have strong bonds with government officials and decision-makers in Abu Dhabi; we are the strategic enabler.  

What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

Tourism 365 is a new company. Nevertheless, our team has a very solid track record on a regional and global level.

What can we expect to see from Tourism 365 in the future?

We are eager to engage with different stakeholders to make Abu Dhabi a favourable destination. We are seeking better excursions and more affordable experiences to attract the vast majority of the target market. What tourism 365 will do is what people will see in Abu Dhabi: a diversified combination of tourists, from different clusters (high-end leisure business, budget (silver) tourist) and from different source markets. Tourism 365 is a strategic enabler that strives to make things happen.

Which trends do you see in the Association Meetings?

We see great potential in MICE business, and Post COVID-19 trends are dominating all discussions.

What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?

COVID 19 is a major challenge, as things are still a blur for individuals and corporate visitors. It takes a lot of effort to get tour operators from Europe and India to buy-in. Another challenge was the COVID 19 travel restrictions in Abu Dhabi, which made travelling to Abu Dhabi unappealing. Just like any entity that works on a strategic pillar, the ability to see results in a short period of time is challenging due to the bureaucratic bottlenecks. We need a good marketing channel like your esteemed organisation where we can network and find strong partners. In addition, Abu Dhabi is full of attractions that are barely known to visitors and even residents. Our mission is to make those hidden treasures known and seen by everyone, and this is to be achieved via strong marketing and networking with the right partners.