This Month we get to know better TTG Asia Media 


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

As an organisation that exists to provide news and information to professionals operating in the field of travel and business events, it is imperative that TTG Asia Media is also a member of the esteemed ICCA so that it, through its news channels, can support ICCA's critical work in advocating quality and responsible international association meetings. ICCA's incredible global network of association leaders and meetings professionals also allows TTG Asia Media’s editorial team invaluable access to industry knowledge that will only serve to elevate the quality of news reporting around international association meetings.


Tell us your story. How did TTG Asia Media Pte Ltd get started?

TTG Asia Media has been supporting professionals in the travel, tourism and business events for the past 50 years, and has demonstrated its relevance and resilience through these decade of incredible changes, from economic upheavals to communication technology advancement. The company has grown from being 100 per cent focused on publishing business at the beginning to one that also organises trade events since the early 1990s. Diversifying into travel trade events management made sense for us, as we could leverage our extensive reach across the industry and our strong database. In the same vein of growing upon our strengths, we now also provide a suite of integrated marketing solutions across multiple media channels that benefit our customers who now have more exacting communication needs when it comes to communicating with the industry’s buyer community.


What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

For many years now, media critiques have warned of the death of print content and news agencies as communication technology advances; they say digital media would erase print, and the Internet would bring forth so much free and accessible information that news agencies would be put out of business. TTG Asia Media has been able to keep these doom's day warnings at bay through a forward-thinking approach to how we produce and convey our news content as well as our continued focus on quality and factual news reporting and analysis. We have different platforms to bring breaking news and timeless features to our 100,000-plus verified and qualified subscribers across the globe; we have a video news series for audience who prefer visual content on hot button issues. We are also present at important travel trade events to bring the news to attendees. Five decades on, TTG Asia Media continues to grow as a news agency, as an organiser of events that command loyalty from industry suppliers and buyers, and as a facilitator of traveller services in South-east Asia.