This month we get to know better Xiamen Ace Exhibition Service Co., Ltd

What was your motivation to join ICCA?                    

Joining ICCA is equivalent to joining a big family and an international "circle of friends",

Through the association, we can optimise ourselves, share new knowledge and strengthen our exchanges with peers.


Tell us your story. How did Xiamen Ace Exhibition Service Co., Ltd get started?                    

The company is built for Chinese enterprises. It helps improve their international market share and enhances their brand. It plays a significant role in promoting and continuing to provide a number of important seminars and exhibition information platforms for enterprises and other market pioneers.

The company's concept is a high standard, professional and customer-oriented service concept for Chinese enterprises to provide a broader platform for international trade, promote Chinese enterprises to the world, and quickly and easily enjoy international platform resources.

The company has a professional staff, with a wealth of experience in group exhibitions, and hospitality. We push for expansion of innovation, to promote the exchange of economic and cultural fields between China and other countries to play an important role in cooperation.


What can we expect to see from Xiamen Ace Exhibition Service Co., Ltd in the future?             

We see the advantages of ICCA's internal information sharing. Members can obtain hundreds of potential activities and customer information: decision-making process and bidding shortcuts, key people, etc. Sharing experiences and knowledge is the unique business culture of ICCA.


What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?           

At present, the industry challenge is that it is unable to participate in international exhibitions due to the pandemic. We hope to share and exchange more valuable experiences from international exhibitions.