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Irina Bryksin

The diversity of the European association market

Europe remains the most popular region for association meetings In the last 55 years, Europe has consistently attracted the highest number of association meetings per region, possessing an overall market share of 53.6%. European countries occupy four of the top five places in the 2018 ICCA Country…

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The renaissance of the African continent

According to ICCA’s industry report released in October 2018, which charts the 55-year growth of the association meetings market from 1963-2017, the international association sector is robust, steady, and growing at a healthy rate. In summary: the number of international association meetings doubled…

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Below the Waterline: A Podcast from The Iceberg

This article originally featured in The Iceberg website. It has been republished with The Iceberg's full permission. The Iceberg has always been dedicated to identifying and celebrating the greater mass of hard-to-see business events legacies lying hidden under the all-too-visible tip of travel and…

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Stimulating all senses for memorable events

“Experiential” has been the buzzword for quite a few years now, but how does this look in practice? Devin McLaughlin, Senior Marketing Research & Media Manager at Calgary TELUS Convention Centre, showed us how utlising new venue space to create unique and memorable events will give your delegates an…

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“The Power of Conferences: stories of serendipity, innovation, and driving social change”, produced by Business Events Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney, gives undeniable evidence that conferences can, and do, create social change. A chance encounter at a conference sets up a series of…

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