Destination X is not making any headway in attracting association meetings. They think they are doing all the right things, but still aren’t getting results. Association Y just had a new board of directors, which is urgently requesting an overhaul of the association’s digital marketing strategy. Does any of these situations sound familiar to you? You aren't alone!

At the 2019 ICCA AMP, Ivo Franschitz, Owner & Managing Director of ENITED, and Phillipa Rose-Tite, Managing Director, Purple Raindrop took us on a journey into the world of digital marketing, showing the power (and pitfalls) of implementing a successful digital marketing plan....

1. What did your session topic cover?

Digital marketing is a powerful tool and should be part of any thorough marketing plan. It is one of the newest and most dynamic aspects of a successful marketing plan for any organisation. Our session looked at the trends and overarching principles of digital marketing; we also examined a company’s journey of implementing a digital marketing strategy.

So, what are those latest trends and dos & don’ts? From understanding its complexity and elements, digital marketing needs both a strategic approach and the necessary commitment of time and resources.

2. Which main challenges did the session address and attempt to solve?

The persistent misunderstanding and misperception that digital marketing is limited to the use of a number of social media channels and its implementation is an easy and cheap exercise.

3. What are the 3 main lessons you hope delegates learnt?

With reference to several, best- and worst-case practices, we hope that the delegates have been reminded of the importance of the following key elements of a successful digital marketing strategy.

It needs:

  • an authentic content/story
  • to fit with the organisation’s culture and (business) identity/strategy
  • the right channels and sufficient resources
  • and the understanding of "learning by doing".

4. How can these lessons inspire them to go further in their professional lives? How should someone implement this advice back at the office?

A digital strategy needs dedicated people with specific knowledge and skills in any organisation, and a corresponding commitment of time and resources.

5. Do you recommend any educational resources that our delegates and readers can refer to if they’re interested in learning more about your session topic or area of expertise in general?

Digital strategy is like any other topic out there right now. There is so much to learn and so much available on various channels, including YouTube. Google the information from reputable sources on artificial intelligence, big data, micro-moments and other topics covered in the talk. It’s all out there! You can dip into the presentation we showed during the session to get started.

6. Where can we find out more about you and your work?

Philippa Rose-Tite

Ivo J. Franschitz

  • Web:
  • Facebook: @ENITEDbusines
  • Twitter: @IvoFranschitz
  • LinkedIn: @IvoFranschitz
  • Instagram: my_passion_for_excellence