If you involve local stakeholders from the early stages of planning your event, you can stimulate and encourage the involvement of local institutions in the organisation of the event, as they feel an active part of it.

Triumph Group International created "the city, its spaces and its most hidden secrets". This “modus operandi” promotes the destination and its resources at all levels: professional, social, cultural and touristic.

The most recent example is the use of the Sforzesco Castle for an event organised by Triumph Group International, grated by the Milan Municipality. The Sforzesco Castle, a symbol of Milan, holds an immense artistic treasure collected over time, of great artists like Leonardo da Vinci, who have been paid tribute by Triumph on the 500th anniversary of his death with a show of lights and sounds. The show, thanks to the strong interaction of the Milan Municipality, was scheduled during the Vinician celebrations, programmed at the municipal level and included in the worldwide celebrations of Leonardo da Vinci.