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Recycled food for thought from ICCA CEO Martin Sirk on #GMID17

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Here’s an opinion piece I wrote in 2015, when asked to come up with the 10 most important questions facing our industry.   I could only manage to think of one!

1. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it deliver the company's or association's objectives, and those of the attending delegates)

2. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it pay vastly more attention to what's going on inside delegates' minds than what they put in their mouths at lunchtime)

3. Is this a good meeting?
(Do the positive outcomes dramatically outweigh the environmental impact of holding it)

4. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it resonate with and influence audiences far beyond its open days and physical location)

5. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it create understanding and respect between those from different cultures or holding different viewpoints)

6. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it add to the sum of new knowledge and wisdom in the world)

7. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it help to reduce the sum of superstition, prejudice, ignorance, and pseudoscientific nonsense in the world)

8. Is this a good meeting?
(Does it deliver improved healthcare outcomes around the world or create improvements to society's most challenging problems).

9. Is this a good meeting?
(Was it fun to attend!)

10. Is this a good meeting?
(If not, why on earth did you decide to organise it, host it, or attend it!)


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