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6,000 Event Visitors Using Influencer Marketing

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Attendance might be disappointing when you organize your first event, without a marketing budget, and no influencer agency to help you out. But thanks to social media influencers, we drew a massive crowd. It’s all about how you approach them, and how networks spread the word.

In late August 2016, at the height of the PokémonGO hype, we organized a city-wide event where over 6.000 players showed up (not counting passersby). We will use this case to demonstrate the impact of Social Media Influencing (SMI), and how different approaches can work together for maximum impact. Our Facebook event reached 383.000 people thanks to 2-sided approach:

  • The Large Push: having a popular influencer share the event on their social network
  • Many Small Steps: Creating shareable content that spreads among potential guests


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