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The invention that changes the life of the conventioneers!

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In 1984, the Mac introduced the Mouse, starting a revolutionary wave. The iPod radically changed the way in which we listen to music. The iPhone exploded a bomb underneath the mobile telephony in 2007, and the App Store fundamentally altered the economic model for purchasing software. More than likely, the iPad will know an equally innovative impact.

A new way to access information

As a matter of fact, the iPad is selling like hot cakes. This tactile tablet, which in (practically) every respect resembles a computer, is elegant and light, boasts of a very large image resolution and offers the same functions as the iPhone, but without the standard telephone features. Meeting planners, exhibitors, and participants are using it ever more often. The success of the iPad at conferences and seminars is readily explainable. These types of events are held far away from the office and from the large computer screens in multiple use there. The majority of the conventioneers prefer to leave their laptops behind because of the weight, security considerations, and awkward usage (for instance, not easy to work with when you are standing). And, finally, this type of client has always had to process a welter of data and, for lack of anything better, this was often done in paper form.

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