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ICCA Association Meetings Programme (AMP)

A unique training programme which focuses on research, sales and marketing in the meetings industry.
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A small-scale, highly-interactive and hands-on event, the ICCA Association Meetings Programme provides an exclusive platform for ICCA Members and association executives to build stronger partnerships and learn from each other and a faculty of experts about all aspects of bidding, designing, organising and promoting international association meetings.

Aiming to provide each delegate with personalised return-on-investment, the delegate number is kept purposely limited so that each attendee has a chance to meet potential clients and partners on a small group or one-on-one basis, as well as find answers to their most challenging questions.

The next edition of the ICCA AMP will take place in Tirol, Austria from 29 June-1 July 2020, with a site inspection for attending association executives on Sunday 28 June. Registration opens in late 2019.

Who should attend?

Partnership is a major theme of the AMP, both in the content of the education sessions and in the meeting environment we create. We actively discourage a “selling atmosphere”, to encourage open exchanges of views and experiences.

The AMP is particularly suited to:

ICCA Members from all sectors and at all organisational levels, especially those in client-facing and strategic roles, who would like to:

  • Deepen their knowledge of international association meetings.
  • Learn the latest industry trends from a faculty of experts and share best practices in dynamic education sessions.
  • Build relationships and network with prospective clients.
  • Hear first-hand the objectives, challenges and needs of international associations.

Association executives involved in negotiating, planning and/or organising international association meetings, who wish to:

  • Exchange knowledge with destination partners and other association executives.
  • Share their views on how to improve these strategic partnerships.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest issues and trends related to destination selection and working with host destination teams.

How is it different to the ICCA Congress?

The ICCA Congress – our largest annual gathering – mainly attracts participants from senior management and is focused on strategic issues, whereas the ICCA Association Meetings Programme has a more practical, operational focus.

  • Smaller in size: With 20 association executives and ICCA Members from across the world coming together in an open and comfortable environment, the AMP is perfect for industry newcomers and experienced professionals to learn about association meetings in interactive, experience-fuelled sessions.
  • Direct interaction with associations: The AMP’s smaller scale increases the chances for new business and the development of business leads by providing a platform for ICCA Members to build trust with association executives, and for association executives to identify potential destination partners.
  • Practical education that develops professional skills: AMP education is centered around the development of new skills and knowledge of the latest trends in association meetings, which delegates can directly implement when they get back to the office.

For more information on the 2019 ICCA Congress, please visit

Signature education sessions

Taking a deep dive into the intricacies of international association meetings, the AMP programme is interactive, experiential and entirely focused on facilitating collaboration and providing networking opportunities between suppliers and associations.

A challenge shared = A challenge solved

Each AMP delegate is encouraged to bring a professional challenge to the AMP, and this session aims to find solutions to these challenges through the wisdom of crowd-based solutions. Working to provide possible answers to questions submitted by delegates before they arrive in the host destination, planners and suppliers co-create and brainstorm as partners, with the aim of creating better meetings for the participants they both serve and organise.

ICCA Data Workshops

Researchers from the ICCA Data team provide intensive skills training workshops for users of ICCA’s range of sales and marketing tools such as the Association Database, demonstrating to ICCA Members how they can integrate the tools’ functionalities into their day-to-day work. Workshops are provided for both beginner and more advanced users, meaning even the most experienced researchers can walk away with an improved and actionable strategy.

Business Exchange

Regularly referred to by participants as the best session in terms of immediate return-on-investment, the Business Exchange is based on ICCA’s foundation of sharing knowledge for mutual benefit and growth.

Providing a fantastic opportunity to collect potential leads for a destination or venue, ICCA Members come together to exchange information about upcoming editions of rotating international association meetings, in particular:

  • Information on association clients and events and
  • Background details on decision-making processes and budgets.

Past editions of the AMP have also covered topics such as team-building, digital marketing, legacy and meeting design. To get an idea of the programme, please visit the AMP 2018 or AMP 2019 websites.

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