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ICCA Association Meetings Database

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Since 1972, the ICCA research department has systematically compiled information on international association meetings. The Association Database Online provides a historical overview of thousands of association meetings, plus current contact addresses. It is a user-friendly tool with easy search capabilities, updated daily and password protected.

Association Database Online

The Association Meetings Database is available to associations that who have joined the ICCA Association Community and is available through the “My ICCA Portal”. With this ICCA tool you will be able to: 
  • Search through a database of 220,000 meetings, 20,000 regularly occurring meeting series and 11,500 associations.
  • Find meetings like yours that took place in a particular destination and reach out to peers for insights and advice. You can filter the meetings by multiple criteria, such as size, duration, association location and more. 
  • Discover international associations based in a particular area.
  • Research the meetings in your subject matter that took place or will take place in a specific region.


The meetings obtained in this database are international association meetings which meet the following strict criteria:
  • Be organised on a regular basis (one-time events are not included)
  • Move between at least 3 different countries
  • Attract at least 50 participants
The Association Database is the only database that gives an historical overview of each meeting, creating a complete track record of where it has been held in the past and the destinations that have been chosen for the future. The information also includes several contact addresses (including hyperlinks with website and/or email addresses), meeting room requirements, decision procedures and destinations which may be eligible for the future.


Details are constantly updated and added to the database. ICCA obtains this data from three distinct sources:
  • We receive updated information from the ICCA Association Community as well as associations attending ICCA events 
  • We obtain detailed calendars of past and future bookings from ICCA members
  • We run specific research projects on individual market segments and areas of the world, particularly targeting new event series.

To find out more about how associations can use the ICCA Association Meetings Database please watch this video.

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