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ICCA Destination Comparison Tool

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Analyse over half a century of association meetings data with the ICCA Destination Comparison Tool:
  • Create reports on worldwide, regional, country and/or city level
  • Filter on specific year ranges, meeting sizes and subject matters
  • Compare up to 5 countries or cities
Originally designed for ICCA member suppliers to improve their knowledge of the market, this ICCA product can provide you with valuable insights on different destinations. It also enables you to compare the destinations that made it to the final stage of your meeting bid selection with just a couple of clicks.  
The ICCA Destination Comparison Tool enables you to compare the following characteristics of up to five destinations over the last 50+ years:
  1. Total number of meetings per destination
  2. Subjects of meetings per destination
  3. Favourite months of meetings per destination
  4. Size of meetings per destination
  5. Average number of participants to meetings per destination
  6. Estimated total number of participants per destination
  7. Average length of meetings per destination
  8. Homebase of the international organisations organising the meetings per destination
  9. Suppliers used per destination
  10. Rotation areas of the meetings organised per destination
The Destination Comparison Tool is available to associations who are part of the ICCA Association Community via the “My ICCA Portal”.
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