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Meetings technology

Find information on and meeting technology suppliers for event apps and other mobile technology, meetings software solutions and virtual meeting shows.
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#EventProfs Network is the proof that event professionals are eager to learn about event technologies (this grew from 0 to 800 UK members in just 5 months).

Hold a meeting at an Omni property, use the hotel company’s technology partner, Encore Event Technologies, a Freeman Company, and get a free event app.

Is there a less elegant element of meeting operations than airport transfers? Probably not.

I may have uttered a little 'Yelp!' of my own when meetings industry consultant Joan Eisenstodt posted a link

It’s not enough to just approve the use of virtual meetings.

Today's guest post is by J Ocana, who is president, COO, and one of the founders of Reaction Audio Visual, an international event technology production company.

You may not know it, but hacks and cyber-attacks on meetings and events should be on the list of things that keep you up at night.

Every event, meeting, and conference has to budget for AV equipment and personnel. While no one wants to overspend on anything, much less technology, a poorly conceived, unworkable tech budget can prevent a meeting from reaching its goals and objecti

New research suggests that a third of young professionals dislike event apps. Given the way apps have been promoted to organisers, this may come as a surprise.

In 2015, exhibitions will add bandwidth and embrace new technologies but at the same time work to make the show floor as fun and engaging as an attendees’ smartphone.

It’s not rocket science: More than half of meeting attendees probably will never ask a question in the traditional pass-the-microphone setting because they want to remain anonymous.

Holy Twitter bird, Batman! I knew I'd seen a lot of #ICCAWorld tweets flying by in early November around the ICCA Congress in Antalya, Turkey,

Regulator reveals hotels caught blocking Wi-Fi hot spots will face enforcement action and heavy fines.

Making the most of your event’s content is easier than ever, thanks to the range of digital tools at our disposal.

Do you know just how vulnerable your meetings, and your attendees, are to being hacked by a cyber-criminal?

Ninety-eight percent of people who go to events say they create social or digital content at the show—mostly photos, though social media posts and videos are also popular.

It’s always been the event professional’s job to ensure an event goes off without a hitch. But sometimes, despite your best intentions, something goes wrong.

es, this is another article about Millennials, planning meetings for Millennials, understanding Millennials, citing statistics about Millennials.

There was a time when mobile apps for events were just a replacement for the printed guide. But technology took care of that and those days are long gone.

In the past few years, badging at conferences has changed rather dramatically. Going from written paper badges to printed barcode badges; in recent years RFID (radio frequency identification) badging has become more popular.

Meeting planners can collect lots of data about attendee behavior when they use mobile apps at meetings, and really get granular about what content and experiences are connecting with participants.

Fewer than one in five event marketing executives believe they are “very effective” in creating a viral impact from their events—extending their reach and visibility through social media sharing.

Twitter recently unveiled some platform design tweaks that make it look and feel more like Facebook—and that potentially could make it a better tool for event marketing.

Lean speed has become the early 21st century’s most ubiquitous fetish, as the Twitterati strip debate down to 140 instantly regurgitated characters

How to improve your potential attendees’ experience on your site—and drive more registrations.

Mobile event app developer QuickMobile has launched a new social networking tracker and engagement platform

Forge's Jeremy Rollinson says tech teams need to help planners after hotel group fined for blocking Wi-Fi hotspots at events .

The grounds for creating a mobile meeting app are quite different depending on whether the app is for an association or a corporation, according to a new Meeting Professionals International/DoubleDutch survey.

Organisers and their audiences disagree about the value of social media in meetings, a recently published survey has shown.

The economy may be looking up these days, but most planners still are still looking for ways to save costs while actually providing a better return on their attendees’ investment in the meeting.

Hundreds of billions of sensors are deploying quietly. They will track our every move and monitor almost everything with which we interact.

IMR Blogger Stephanie Selesnick shares her insights from the International Consumer Electronics Show, and a notable lesson convention attendees can learn from one booth.

As PCMA’s 59th annual Convening Leaders conference kicked off in Chicago, two back-to-back sessions looked at the science of predicting the future, and at some key elements of what that future could bring.

Here are some of the top developments one AV expert has seen recently, including ideas on how meeting pros can leverage these trends to ensure that their meetings are successful.

Corporate clients are leading the way when it comes to demanding high-speed reliable internet connectivity.

Audience interaction platform, which offers a simple way to create audience polls and manage speaker Q&A, has announced a new integration with Prezi, the cloud-based presentation platform.

Here's a collection of apps for work and life that planners are using right now. But apps often change and new apps get launched, so we'd love your help in keeping this a lively list.

In two separate sessions, four meeting professionals shared their tips, insights, and experiences with mobile meeting apps at the Cvent corporate and association user group events. Here are 26 of their top takeaways.

A new online social media toolkit released by Tourism Research Australia aims to help event managers understand in eight easy steps how best to use social media to promote their regional events.

I read a fascinating article in Wired on Oculus Rift and the future—the very near future—of augmented reality on a recent flight to Los Cabos, Mexico, for the IRF Invitational, and those who think it’s just for gamers need to think again.

Picture the most successful meeting you ever attended. You read about the education and the venue, and decided that the program would be a worthwhile investment.

Haven’t planned a cruise meeting lately, or ever? We’ve got an overview of trends, a guide to ship categories, and lots of photos to give you a feel for the state of cruising today.

The Obama Administration has named the Whole Earth Calculator, an app that tracks leftover food donations, among the private-sector initiatives helping its efforts to combat climate change.

Virtual meetings are predicted to develop twice as fast as face-to-face meetings according to Meeting Professionals International’s (MPI) special Meetings Outlook.

A data tool introduced by ICCA for its supplier members has implications for association meeting pros, too.

Feeding Facebook and Twitter is a time consuming process, but it can pay off, says XING EVENTS.

Event technology provider GenieConnect has introduced a new analytics capability to enable organisers to identify parts of their event that are failing to engage with attendees, in real time.

Planners often judge their virtual events to be successful based on the number of attendees they attract.