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ICCA Top Tips - August 2019

What is the value of the meetings industry?
I am sure this sounds familiar: you want to convince people that meetings are very important to your destination, but they seem reluctant to share your opinion.
That is: until you show them ‘the money’.
Once you have shown your audience the Average expenditure per delegate per meeting, they surely will want to hear more from you about the meetings industry.
What they would also be interested in is the:
    • Average expenditure per delegate per day
    • Average total expenditure per meeting
    • Average income from fees all meetings
Where can you find that kind of information?
In the ICCA Destination Comparison Tool (DCT)!
Log in to the My ICCA portal, open the tool and click on Go to report wizard. Compare your region, country or city to a few others, tick the box Registration fees and total expenditure, and voila!
The DCT is not only good to produce figures for an impressive presentation, but it also gives you an overview over the past 50 years of the
    - number of meetings
    - types of venues used
    - subjects discussed
    - number of participants
    - length of meetings
And so forth. In your destination, but also in the competing ones.
It is worth checking every year to spot changes, growth or decline, and consider taking action accordingly.
Would you like to know more about this and/or other useful tools ICCA provides to its members? Or would you like to write a Member to Member Top Tip? Please contact Willy Cortus at