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We’ve changed the way you can access our weekly RFPs. Here’s how to find them!

Each week, ICCA’s Research department selects new RFPs posted by associations to help ICCA Members to find potential business easily and efficiently. Until recently this was done by providing a list of the newest Association Database entries in a PDF format.

To make researching potential meetings as simple as possible, we’ve now changed the way we release our weekly roundup of new RFPs. Instead of providing you with a PDF first, you can now access the latest RFPs directly in the Association Database.

Some of you have some questions about this new process. Here are the answers!

1. Why don’t I get a PDF document anymore?

This new process means you no longer have to first download a separate PDF and then search for the newest records manually.

Instead, by taking you directly to the list of latest RFPs in the Association Database itself, cutting out the middle step and bringing you straight to where you need to be to research the meetings that peak your interest.

2. Has the way you distribute the list changed?

The way we distribute the newest RFPs to you won’t change.

You’ll still be able to find the access link on our homepage and on social media as before, as well as by logging in to My ICCA, accessing the Association Database Online and clicking on ‘RFPs’.

3. How do I know which ones are the newest RFPs?

Next to each new listing you'll see a green triangle like this: 

This means the meeting has been added in the last week.

View the latest RFPs

Using the Association Database to contact potential clients

Keep into account changing Data Protection laws

Data Protection legislation in Europe is getting tougher and tougher, so in order to encourage clients to allow their details to be circulated, please take particular notice of the "Do Not" advice set out below and be as selective as possible in who you contact and how you approach them. ICCA members have a great chance to stand out from the crowd by contacting these clients in a totally professional manner, and this will greatly benefit ICCA’s ability to develop long term relationships with them.

  • PLEASE DO NOT send standard mass emails to every client in the ICCA Association Database. Potential clients hate this type of approach and it is counter-productive.
  • PLEASE DO NOT email your brochures in PDF format to any client. This was done in the past by a non-ICCA member and caused massive complaints.

How to use the data from the Association Database effectively

  1. Check out event sizes, rotation patterns, open dates and other data to identify those clients who are right for you before contacting them.
  2. Cross-check the contacts, associations and meetings against your own databases, and identify prospective clients. You may also find that current clients will be attending - make sure you know who will be there.
  3. It’s far better to contact 20 clients; you are really interested in, rather than 100 whose meetings can’t make use of your services.
  4. Contact a local representative in your country instead of the head office of the international organisation.
  5. Write personalised emails.
  6. Explain why you are contacting them, and why/how your destination/venue/services could meet their specific needs. Highlight the fact that you are an ICCA member, and therefore a specialist in international association meetings. Highlight other meetings you have recently hosted which are of a similar profile to theirs.

Please let us know if we can assist in any way. Contact Marco van Itterzon, ICCA Director Research, if you have any questions about this new process!

Happy bidding!