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ICCA launches the ICCA Association Community

For over 55 years ICCA has been the catalyst to bring together the major destinations, venues, and service providers of the meetings industry under a common mission to shape the future and value of international association meetings. As the world of meetings has evolved, so has the relationship between ICCA and the clients we serve, moving from the supplier-buyer relationship to that of real partnership and collaboration. 

To stay relevant for our members, evolve with the times and be true to our mission, ICCA has developed a series of initiatives in recent years to develop closer engagement with associations. These have included the launch of our Associations Portal, the creation of ICCA Verified Associations and increased participation of association executives in our meetings and workshops. The latter with the support of our Association Relations Partners. ICCA’s next step is now filling the missing link and embracing associations in our community as true partners.
ICCA is therefore inviting senior association executives, meetings managers and volunteer leaders to join the ICCA Association Community.

How will it work?

Qualifying criteria for the ICCA Association Community 

Our target group will be association executives with decision-making or a decision-influencing role on where their international meeting is held and criteria for joining will be the same as our criteria for inclusion in the ICCA database. They must be non-governmental organisations not managed by third parties with at least:

  • One internationally rotating meeting
  • Minimum participants 50 per meeting
  • Held on a regular basis

Qualifying process for the ICCA Association Community 

  • Executives will need to complete an Association Profile including updated contact details and detailed information about their meetings
  • Submission will be reviewed by the ICCA Board before approval
  • Payment of an annual administration fee of 250 Euros per association

What benefits will Association Community Executives receive?

  • Education and expertise: access to online resources and eligibility to attend ICCA events
  • Access to the ICCA Association Database containing details of international association meetings similar to theirs and contacts at other associations
  • Access to our Big Data Search Tool to find potential speakers and sponsors
  • Access to our Destination Comparison Tool to find and compare potential host destinations

How is this different from being a full ICCA member?

Associations will be joining the ICCA Association Community with an affiliate status not as members.

  • Associations will not have a separate sector
  • Associations will not officially belong to a specific Chapter but may attend Chapter events
  • Associations will not have voting rights during General Assembly
  • Associations will not be able to stand for election to the Board of Directors

Why is this important for ICCA and ICCA members?

  • Making associations part of the community will lead to more accurate data in the database
  • There will be more face-to-face informal networking opportunities with associations through larger attendance at ICCA events
  • With associations integrated into our community, ICCA will have direct input from an important voice in the world of association meetings, something which is currently missing from the ICCA community
  • Embracing associations provides us with a greater understanding of associations and their needs now, and in the future 
  • Including associations in the ICCA community creates greater awareness of the challenges and opportunities that associations and their meetings are facing today

With associations as part of the community, it allows for a privileged peer-to-peer exchange with the ability for ICCA members to engage with these executives on a regular basis at regional or international events