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ICCA Top Tips - November 2019

ICCA Top Tip – November 2019
Are you striving for quantity or quality in your research?
When you access the ICCA Association Database, do you go for the longest list of potential business for your destination, or do you go the extra step to make your search result smaller and more specific?
Top Tip of the Month: it is best to make a search as specific as possible. The result will be small, but the content highly potential. Plus a small number is easier to further investigate.
Because, as you know, proper research takes a lot of time. So:
1. Make a basic search in ‘Potential meetings for..’ and save it.
2. Check a few features in the filters on the left of your database page and narrow down your result.
Every week, or whenever you do research, you can focus on another feature.
  • One week you can focus on meetings that usually take place in your slow months.
  • The next week you can focus on meetings with a certain open year you can bid on (also check the deadline for bids, which is mentioned much lower in the list of filters).
  • Another time you may want to target meetings on a specific subject, or size.
The possibilities are numerous, which keeps your job interesting and your new-found business leads potentially an asset to your destination.
As soon as you tick a box in the filters, your list is adapted accordingly.
After each time you filter, you can save your search under a different name.
If you are not sure how to use those filters, please see the instruction videos (and then specifically video ‘4 More specific search for potentials’).

Good luck, and let us know how you get on.
Would you like to know more about this and/or other useful tools ICCA provides to its members? Or would you like to write a Member to Member Top Tip? Please contact Willy Cortus at