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The value of the ICCA Association Community

Since its inception ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, was tracking internationally rotating association meetings and comprised of all the various suppliers in the meetings industry.

By opening its doors to associations in January of 2020 ICCA now encompasses all key players in the international association meetings arena and together they are set on the course of shaping the future and value of international meetings.

In turbulent times full of uncertainties, it is more important than ever to have a safe haven to turn to.

Péter Kakucska, European College of Sport Science Congress & PR Events Manager shares his views about the value of joining the ICCA Association Community and why ECSS was one of the first associations to join the ICCA Community:

“Recently, we have faced challenges in the meetings industry, many shared with other associations; membership retention, acquisition, providing cutting edge events, digitalisation and remaining relevant. Preparing for the unknown is also a challenge, so having contingency plans are critical.

ICCA has been pivotal in providing various levels and ways of support and has been able to help mitigate these concerns. We have taken part in many of their educational opportunities which have provided top instructors, relevant topics and interactive formats. Last year, we took advantage of the Association Expert Seminar in Frankfurt and we came away with new ideas and broadened horizons.”

Thomas Reiser, Executive Director, International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis added: “Networking with international associations is critical for the success of our activities as the peer-to-peer sharing and learning is one of the most powerful aspects. Doing this on a well-established platform like ICCA and combining this with the community of destination partners is even more beneficial particularly in our joint efforts to professionalizing the way to collaborate in planning and executing successful events. This is why ISTH is happy to be part of the ICCA Association Community and enjoy the benefits - such as access to data, sharing new ideas, thought-provoking education and peer to peer networking - this affords us.”

What is the ICCA Association Community?

For years ICCA has engaged with associations worldwide in an informal setting and helped them to build understanding and partnerships with international association meeting suppliers. Thanks to the newly established ICCA Association Community, ICCA is now able to formalise this relationship and offer a platform where associations and suppliers can discuss and work on advancing international association meetings on a global scale.

To find out more about the ICCA Association Community please visit: