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New ICCA Member Event Expert-functionality added to the Association Database Online

ICCA's Association Database has always been about sharing commercial information about recent hosted events. The new ICCA Member Event Expert-functionality further facilitates and personalizes this information exchange.

Each event in our database now has two interactive buttons: next to the already familiar red “Report an Update” button, you now see the green “I’m an Expert” button.

You are invited to provide background information on specific events that you have hosted, and to add your picture and contact information to the Show Events Full page. This applies to all future events in the database and also to events which are not older than 2 years. By becoming an ICCA Member Event Expert you offer to let your fellow ICCA Members know anything that you think will help them to better understand this association and their event and to provide them with any ideas you tried that helped you to be successful when bidding to host or cater for this event. As an Expert you need to have information to share related to the Bidding/Decision-making Process, Delegate/Budgetary Profile, etc.

You can indicate preferred ways of being approached by (not) listing phone and/or email details. You can also say for how long you want to be an Expert for a specific meeting. Only those ICCA Members who have made a similar commitment will have access to your contact details and vice versa. So only once you have made this commitment will you be able to search for events with ICCA Member Event Experts.

Members in the Destination Marketing sector are invited to participate, but also suppliers linked to the event. In theory there could be more than one expert per meeting. We hope to be able to welcome you to this select group of ICCA Members soon!