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President Barack Obama Visited the Jerusalem International Convention Center

At the end of March, the American President Barak Obama visited the Middle East for a number of days. He chose to deliver his main speech to the Israeli public, which was extensively covered by international press, in the Jerusalem International Convention Center's large auditorium.


The ICC Jerusalem is Israel's largest convention center, containing 27 halls spread across two levels in an area of 12,000 square meters. The Center is a member of the international organizations ICCA and AIPC, welcoming conventions, fairs, international exhibits and shows for over six decades. In recent years, with the direction of current CEO, Mira Altman, the ICC was host to a list of Presidents and world leaders, including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Mikhail Gorbachev and Tony Blair, as part of widely covered international events.


The preparation for the complex event of Obama's speech was especially challenging, since the entire production was done "IN HOUSE", from the stage of mapping out the needs up to operating the event on the ground, involving no external producers. The venue's team dealt with, on a very short schedule, adjustments required at the structure and facilities level, design of the hall and the stage, strict requirements made by White House security, and attending to an active media center which included dozens of communications and media units  from all over the world. Within a week, the VIP rooms were renovated and redecorated as luxurious chambers for President Obama and the Secretary of State, John Kerry, to stay in prior to and following the speech in the hall.

 At the designated time, the President took the podium and gave his speech to an audience of thousands sitting in the hall, and to dozens of millions all over the world watching the network broadcasts.

 When the event was through and the flags and the red carpet were folded, the employees of the Convention Center received a letter of appreciation from the CEO, Mira Altman: "Thanks to the professionalism, knowledge, and experience of each and every one of you, the management, the organization, and most of all the caring and personal responsibility taken, we carried out and managed one of Israel's constitutive events…in an unreasonable and tight schedule, we succeeded in our task and beyond what we could imagine…my appreciation, esteem and thanks is sent to every one of you."

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