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Impact Introduces ‘green Banquet’ to Meeting Planners

(April, 2013) Recognizingthe importance of energy saving and efficient use of natural resources, IMPACT introduces ‘Green Banquet’ as the way to help encourage event planners to reduce unnecessary waste that occurs from setting up banquets or meeting functions.

Mr. Chawanich Sirisinghol, Director of Food & Beverage Department for IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd. said that IMPACT has been emphasizing on the energy saving and placing measures as well as investment to reduce the unnecessary use of energy. The venue was successfully certified with Energy Management Standard (ISO50001) since September 2011 and the outcome has been showing an encouraging result. In last year only, the venue has successfully managed to save expenses on the energy as much as Bt21 million. 
Mr. Chawanich said, “With the global trend on the environment concern, customer awareness on green event has been increasing. In order to response with the trend and to support the venue’s policy on saving energy and environment, Food and Beverage Department encourages clients who organize functions at the venue to Reduce, Re-use and Recycle resources. Options for Green include setting up function rooms without the use of tablecloths or chair covers, and use paper napkins instead of cloth in order to reduce resources in the washing process. Instead of using flowers for room decorations, use potted plants which can be re-used and reduce waste.
For meetings, reduce the use of plastic water bottles by serving water for delegates in glasses or providing a water station within the meeting area. For a banquet with a large number of attendants, drinks will be refilled instead of using new glasses.
All signage on tables or the buffet lines will be designed in the same format to reduce the use of material and allow re-use. Reduce the use of plastic or foam for any of the decoration material. And after the function concludes, sort recyclable material: paper, glass, and plastic bottles and separate the vegetable and fruit peel in order to make EM water (EffectiveMicro-Organism water).
“With the number of functions that take place at the venue each year, the Green choice will make a great impact on the use of energy. It will also help encourage clients and ensure that their functions will energy efficient and eco-friendly,” said Mr. Chawanich.
Currently, IMPACT is the country’s biggest venue for MICE and provides various choices for event organizer and meeting planners. It features 12 exhibition and convention halls, one arena hall, two large ballrooms, two banquet halls and 52 breakout rooms. 
The venue has been experiencing a raise in demand for banquets and functions which are expected to support the growth in F&B revenue. By the end of March 2014, which is the end of company’s fiscal year, the company forecasts 20-25% growth in the F&B income or at Bt350 million of revenue.