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A Taste of Copenhagen: All Danish

Kähler, Tivoli's new restaurant seating up to 200, not only serves innovative Danish open sandwiches and modern Danish set dinner menus – its food is also served on Danish-designed Kähler ceramics. And the all-Danish set-up doesn’t stop at that: The building where the restaurant is located was designed by Simon P. Henningsen, son of the famous Danish architect, Poul Henningsen. And, just to complete the all-Danish picture, the restaurant is a treasure trove of classic Danish furniture design featuring pieces by some of the legendary Danish designers such as Finn Juhl, Poul Henningsen, Le Klint, Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen and Verner Panton. The owner, Frantz Longhi, is also an architect. An energy consultant for over 30 years, he became a restaurateur by accident - beginning with three restaurants in the Danish city of Aarhus, and now with a restaurant in Tivoli. He has ambitous plans to restore the 45 year old restaurant in order to make it as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible. The rebuilding will also include a renovation of the first room. It currently functions as a store room but from 2014 it will offer two smaller meeting and/or function rooms. As well as his connection to the Danish design world, Frantz Longhi has a great passion for food. He comments: “In our culinary universe, new and exciting things are always happening, and Copenhagen should also have the opportunity to share in the experience. We are on our way towards an entirely new era of Nordic gastronomy and food culture, and we certainly do not mind taking the lead and challenging the classic norms and rules regarding what a restaurant experience is and should be. We want to stand out from the other restaurants in Tivoli and the rest of Copenhagen.” Kähler in Tivoli is managed by a highly qualified staff: The head chef, Thorsten Schmidt, has worked as a head chef in a number of high end restaurants in Aarhus including Kähler's Villa Dining and Malling & Schmidt. Joining him in the kitchen will be Dennis Juhl from the National Culinary Team of Denmark, while Tabita Mortensen, winner of the Danish Championship for Waiters 2013, will be restaurant manager of Kähler in Tivoli. If you want to take something Danish home with you, the restaurant will be selling some of its famous Kähler ceramics, but if you would like to try a Danish dish from Kähler's menu at home, here is a recipe to try: Recipe from Mols Bjerge Mols Bjerge (Mol's Mountain) is restaurant Kähler in Tivoli's version of a traditional Danish smørrebrød, or open sandwich, in this case topped with roast beef. We have tried to create a New Nordic-style smørrebrød, served with cloudberries, remoulade, pickled unripe peaches and crisp fried onion. You will need: For four pieces of smørrebrød Mustard mayo: • 2 pasteurised egg yolks • 1 tbsp coarse-grained mustard • ½ dl. apple cider vinegar • ½ litre neutral oil • Salt and pepper Cloudberry remoulade • 2 dl. mustard mayo • 2 tbsp pickles • 2 tbsp. pickled cloudberries • Salt and pepper Homemade fried onions • 1 onion • Panko breadcrumbs • Flour • 2 eggs, lightly beaten In addition • 4 pieces of good quality ryebread • 16 slices of roast beef from your butcher • Fresh horseradish • Pea shoots • Unripe peaches in slices (or, alternatively, gherkins) Preparation: Mustard mayo: Whisk the egg yolks, vinegar and mustard together. Slowly whisk in the oil, a little at a time until it begins to bind together. The more oil you add, the thicker the mayonnaise will be. Stop adding oil when you can draw a spoon through it and the line remains in the bowl. Cloudberry remoulade: Blend a little of your mayonnaise with the cloudberries and pickles. Add salt and pepper to taste - the remoulade should have a slightly sweet-sour taste. Homemade fried onions: Cut the onion into quarters, remove the skin and separate the layers of the onion. Roll the onion pieces in flour, then the beaten egg and finally the panko breadcrumbs. Deep fry at 170 degrees Celsius until they become golden and crisp. To serve: Cut the slices of ryebread into round pieces and spread with mustard mayonnaise. Drape one slice of roast beef on each piece and top with the cloudberry remoulade, peach slices and fried onion. Finally, finely grate over some fresh horseradish and decorate with pea shoots and/or other fresh herbs. Bon appetite, or as we say in Denmark, Velbekomme.