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Municipality takes important step to make Copenhagen World's first CO2-neutral Capital

Copenhagen is working hard to achieve its ambitious goal of becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. As part of these efforts, the City Council has just announced a major upgrade of the city’s street lighting. LED-based street lamps are to be installed, creating an even safer and more sustainable city.

In early March, Copenhagen’s City Council announced that it will be replacing more than 20,000 street lamps by the end of 2015, providing an estimated environmental saving of 57 % of the municipality’s energy consumption in terms of lighting.

The new streetlights are an important element in Copenhagen’s climate plan, which ultimately will make it the world’s first CO2-neutral capital by 2025.

Intelligent street lamps enhancing atmosphere and safety The new lights will be adjusted in brightness according to the part of city they illuminate, for example they will be  dimmed on smaller shopping or pedestrian streets.

The new lamps will also form an intelligent network around the city, adjusting according to the traffic conditions. On a foggy morning in one end of the city, the brightness can be increased, and if a traffic accident is blocking the road, the lamps will illuminate the accident site. Morten Kabell, Technical and Environmental Mayor of Copenhagen, explains:

"Copenhagen is well on its way to becoming one of the world's most modern cities, where it is possible to fine-tune street lighting. In the future, we can turn up the lights at the click of a button, for example when the city is shrouded in morning fog. Moreover, we will be able to create an intimate and cosy atmosphere that increase people’s desire to come and shop in one of the city's many shopping streets. "

Meanwhile, some of the lights are able to monitor how traffic flows. This data can be combined with electronic displays that inform drivers of the current traffic situation, thus optimising the flow in traffic.