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BCIT Center for Ecocities - Winner of the Incredible Impacts 2020 Award

BCIT Center for Ecocities Winning Legacy Programme

The Ecocity Builders partnered with the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) School of Construction and Environment in Vancouver, Canada, to host the Ecocity World Summit 2019. The partnership, that goes back a decade, resulted in the creation of the first Centre for Ecocities at BCIT that provides coaching, diagnostic tools, and scientific evidence to support the City of Vancouver and other local governments’ efforts aimed at closing their sustainability gap.

The BCIT saw an opportunity to create a long-lasting legacy when they bid to co-host the Ecocity World Summit. They applied for funding to launch the first Ecocity Centre at BCIT as legacy of the event, while the Summit provided an important focal point to raise the profile of ecocity solutions within the BCIT as well as with local businesses, communities and provincial organisations. 
The outreach of the BCIT Centre for Ecocities goes far beyond the city of Vancouver. One of the applied research projects - “Measuring and Managing Living within Earth’s Carrying Capacity”- will be used by the national government, and the findings are planned to be shared at the next Ecocity World Summit 2021 in Rotterdam.

BCIT Centre for Ecocities at a glance

What is BCIT Centre for Ecocities planning to use their USD 7,500 grant for?

The BCIT Centre for Ecocities is planning to use the grant to convene a hub that would allow ten British Columbia Municipalities participate in the Ecocity World Summit 2021. By launching the hub, they might also be able to leverage additional funds that would allow more communities throughout Canada, as well as North, Central and Latin America, join the summit. By doing so, they can make sure that the important connections and collaborations that come from this conference will not be lost because of travel restrictions. 

About the Incredible Impacts Programme

The Incredible Impacts Programme celebrates the “beyond tourism” value of international association meetings to create a powerful platform to advocate their positive societal impact. A panel of independent judges form the association world will determine which meetings have proven impact to award three grants of USD 7,500 on behalf of BestCities Global Alliance and ICCA. 

To read more about the Incredible Impacts Programme, see the past years’ winners and their legacy, and find out how to apply or nominate an association please visit our Incredible Impacts Page.