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Welcome Xiamen International Conference Center to ICCA World

We're so excited to welcome the following new members to the ICCA Community in January 2021:

Chengdu Young Academic Conference Co Ltd
Destination Fyn Convention Bureau
Contour Consult
Enso For Exhibitions and Events
Nanhai International Exhibition and Convention Center
Xiamen International Conference Center

This month, we get to know Xiamen International Conference Center a bit better with a Q&A below:

1.       What was your motivation to join ICCA?
Xiamen is a beautiful and high-quality international city, so that the guests Xiamen International Conference Center (XICC) serves are all high-level and international. That is to say, we are in a high-level and international market. This is consistent with the internationalisation of ICCA.
2.       Tell us your story. How did the Xiamen International Conference Center get started?
The Xiamen International Conference Center was established and put into use in 2008, and it belongs to the Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Group. It is one the most high-level and professional venues for international conferences in the South of China. We serve about 500 conferences every year. In particular, Xiamen International Conference Center, as the main venue of the BRICS Summit in Xiamen, successfully demonstrated its  ability to serve state diplomacy.
3.       What sets the Xiamen International Conference Center apart?
The Xiamen International Conference Center is one of the few conference centers that is located beside the sea, conveniently located near Xiamen Island Ring Road. We also enjoy a superior geographical environment and arerich in the experience of hosting many significant international conferences.The Xiamen International Conference Center is the best choice for domestic and international conferences and enjoys the government's preferential conference award policy.
4.       What is your favourite success story from your organisation?
The Xiamen International Conference Center holds about 500 events of various kinds each year. We have successfully undertaken several 10,000 attendee conferences, such as the 13th Annual Congress of Chinese Orthopedic Association, the 11th Chinese Congress of Research in Vision and Ophthalmology. And we have successfully hosted many famous international conferences, such as 2017 BRICS Summit,  International Investment Forum, the 3rd Coordinators Meeting for G20 Summit in 2016, World Friends Convection, the 8th meeting of Attorney General of the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, etc. We have served a lot international renowned enterprises, such as Eli Lilly, Amazon, and ABB.Additionally, many Chinese well-known large enterprises, such as Tecent, Huawei, and Mengniu. The Xiamen International Conference Center possesses first-class conference facilities as well as an excellent operations and service team. 
5.       What can we expect to see from the Xiamen International Conference Center in the future?
We are providing the whole industry chain services. In the future, we will be more international and we will provide more professional and more advanced intelligent services.
6.       Which trends do you see in Association Meetings?
In recent years, digital intelligent technology has been deeply empowering conference activities, promoting the industrial upgrading of the conference industry as a whole.
7.       What is an industry challenge your organisation is facing currently?
The biggest challenge we face as a venue for conferences is the huge impact from the COVID-19. The shrinkage and reduction of meetings, offline meetings to online meetings, is a very tricky thing.