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ICCA Researcher of the Year - Who made the most updates in 2020?

To recognise this year’s top ICCA Data Provider, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Linda Kimber, Congress Coordinator, Uppsala Convention Bureau, has been chosen as "Researcher of the Year 2020" and will receive a certificate, together with a sum of €500 to be put against any ICCA product or event within 24 months of winning the award!  

We appreciate Linda’s cooperation to help contribute excellent meetings information to the database. We are confident she will be an inspiration for other members who are not yet using the database and its update functionality to their fullest potential. Because of her efforts, the ICCA Database offers improved data for other ICCA members!’

Here's what Linda had to say:


1. Why do you consider it so important to contribute your meeting information to ICCA Data?
Research and statistics go hand in hand and are our number one priority at Uppsala Convention Bureau. By adding information to the ICCA database, it will contribute to make the database relevant and better for all users. By contributing with our data more users will benefit from the database and they will hopefully contribute with their data. It is a win-win situation. 

2. What do you gain from using the ICCA database for your work with the Uppsala Convention Bureau?
My team at Uppsala Convention Bureau considers the ICCA database as an important tool for keeping up to date with potential meetings to our city, of course. But for that it is only one of many tools out there. Due to the frequent updates done by the research team at ICCA, and the technical database developments done over the last years, it is however one of the fastest channels to get insights on newly founded meetings. Also, when it comes to market insights and benchmark data, through the Destination Comparison Tool, the ICCA database as a global provider is unique. 

3. What advice do you have for other ICCA members who haven’t actively used the ICCA Database?
You should use it! The database will save you time, keep you updated and provide you with information you probably never would have found otherwise. The database collects large amounts of information and displays it in a way so that it is easy to work with. For example, I’m interested in information on former destinations, number of attendees, and representatives we can connect with.

4. Do you have any Database tips for your fellow ICCA members?
Be sure you get to know all the features in the database, this will help you a great deal in your search for meetings. Log in on a regular basis, in a systematic way, that will pay off the most. Make sure to develop your own know-how through frequent use of it, it will provide competitive advantages for you and your organisation. 

5. What do you plan to do with your €500 voucher?  
The voucher will hopefully be used by joining our Annual Scandinavian Chapter Meeting in the Faroe Islands and also maybe get the chance to attend future online forums as well. 

6. Have you been able to use the ICCA database to help you navigate the challenges of the pandemic or adapt to the ‘new normal’?
2020 and 2021 were projected to be great years in terms of meetings and events in Uppsala. As a society, we will be feeling the effects of the corona crisis for a long time to come. The question then becomes, what do we do with it? The crisis, that is. And what have we actually learned from 2020-2021? We have been in dialogue with the head office and our regional director in regards to how to measure and statistically take advantage of this crisis we all are facing. If we do not invest time in understanding the effects of the pandemic, we will not be prepared for future crises. And of course, continually update the database when meetings are cancelled or postponed. This helps to make the database relevant during these times.

7. What is something happening/in the works at Uppsala Convention Bureau that you’d like ICCA members to know about? 
When the pandemic hit us we invested quite a bit of our time into building a quite naïve but yet efficient new lead generator systems, providing us with fast updates on what associations were actually saying and predicting about the future. Both association with possible meetings for Uppsala and in general. We will most likely not be alone in having more questions than answers, about the unknown, about the future, but this lead generator system has at least given us quite a lot of insights, we feel more resilient and hopeful about the near future than prior the development of the system. Will the pandemic change things forever? Will there be fewer association meetings in the future as a result? No, we do not think so.

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