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NCC-PCO managed a post-event press conference to follow-up on progress

The Department of Livestock Development in collaborating with OIE emphasized on Thailand livestock to match international standards, continuous of development of veterinary profession, and to strengthen collaboration between relevant organizations in all countries moving forward to global standard.

Dr. Sorravis Thaneto, Deputy Director, the Department of Livestock Development said that  “This year, OIE has organized the 4th Global Conference on Veterinary Education here in Thailand, which is the first time that this conference has been held in Asia. That’s because OIE acknowledge Thailand’s important role in livestock development and veterinary profession in this region. This conference was attended by 350 participants from 180 countries.”

The greatest success from the outcome of this conference is the opportunities for participants to exchange information and experience on how to produces veterinarian to serve for veterinary services in all levels, and it will emphasize the importance of veterinary schools and their role in producing veterinarian to serve for veterinary services in both public and private sectors. Thailand has been designated by OIE to be OIE Collaboration Center on Capacity Building of Veterinary Services, which would be the 6th one in the world and first one in Asia. Moreover, we also designated to be the OIE Regional Reference Laboratory for Brucellosis, which is one of the most important zoonotic diseases.  Thailand, by the Department of Livestock Development, Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, has constantly developing on livestock standards and the role of its veterinary profession on international level, which will ensure all the OIE member countries in our veterinary capacity and standard on diseases prevention and control. This will increase opportunity for Thailand in exporting our livestock product because other countries will see our standards in livestock production, veterinary education and diseases prevention and control to match with international standard.”  

Dr. Monique Eloit, Director General of the OIE revealed that this Conference considerate the quality of the Veterinary Services, the need to strengthen the capacity of all countries worldwide to maintain national animal health and veterinary public health systems, the emergence of new or re-emergence of existing animal diseases, the quality of education for and effective regulation of both veterinarians and veterinary para-professionals by Veterinary Statutory Bodies…”

“In addition, the OIE has developed a programme for twinning between Veterinary Education Establishments worldwide and has initiated a programme for twinning between Veterinary Statutory Bodies, including following the Recommendation of the third OIE Global Conference on Veterinary Education.”