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Welcome to Kabloom

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This month we get to know better Kabloom

What was your motivation to join ICCA?

As ICCA is a leader for the international meetings industry and has a strong educational policy, it was an obvious alignment for Kabloom as our main aim is to grow our client’s  events and help them to to fulfil their revenue and educational goals. 

It is very important to us to be part of the global meetings community and believe that ICCA is the ideal platform to connect with new potential clients, peers and meetings suppliers globally to forge new partnerships.


Tell us your story. How did Kabloom get started?

Several years ago, Kabloom took the step (then considered a radical approach) to create an entirely virtual marketing agency with event marketing experts situated in every major time zone.   The driving force behind this strategy was to ensure our clients had access to the best marketeers in their region and enabled us to provide cost-efficient digital services.  This not only empowered our staff to lead impactful lives where they were located but also remedied the common issue associations faced in terms of prohibitive traditional agency costs and reduced results due to the lack of understanding of this niche type of marketing. 

As the team worked virtually even before “WFH” was a term, we were able to adapt our internal systems and grow quickly with our client base over the years.  With all the changes in 2020 we were already in a strong position to effectively support and guide our clients into the virtual arena on all fronts. This capability turned potential failure into success - and in many cases even resulted in the expansion of many events.

This mind-set and modular marketing structure also come with a built-in flexibility which enables the team to start at any point of the event cycle. Sometimes we plug in and bolster the existing in-house marketing team and at other times take the project on from start to finish. 

What sets Kabloom apart?

Kabloom is in the unique position of being one of the only digital marketing agencies in the world that focuses solely on conference and event marketing for leading associations across the globe.  Due to this clear focus, we have built up both a successful delegate acquisition track record as well as the GDPR compliant digital data pools needed for continued growth.  We have worked with 100s of associations in various fields to successfully expand their events in healthcare, engineering, finance and sustainability to mention a few.  Our expertise also extends to social media campaigns as well as world awareness days which support associations to organise activities and raise awareness for their particular cause as a part of broader education.


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