This Month we get to know better Jio World Convention Centre


What was your motivation to join ICCA?

As ICCA represents the largest community and knowledge hub of the international association meetings industry, Jio World Convention Centre’s association with it strengthens the Centre’s resolve to be India’s foremost destination for meetings, conventions and exhibitions.

Tell us your story. How did Jio World Convention Centre get started?

Launched in March 2022, the Jio World Convention Centre is part of the larger multifaceted destination, the Jio World Centre. While the Jio World Centre has been envisioned to bring the best of India and the world, the Convention Centre is built to be the epicentre of ideas, innovation, and culture. Its highly flexible and dynamic venues are equipped to simultaneously host physical, virtual and hybrid events.

What sets Jio World Convention Centre apart?

In line with India’s position as a global powerhouse, the Jio World Convention Centre serves as the country’s largest convention and exhibition space. It is a world-class, multi-purpose destination that is easily accessible to patrons within India’s financial capital and well beyond - thanks to its strategic location at the heart of Mumbai’s business hub, Bandra Kurla Complex, which is well connected by roads, railways and flights.

Situated in close proximity of some of Mumbai’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants, the Centre – with a range of technologically adavnced, 5G-enabled, transformative spaces – offers a holsitic experience that is customisable to the event needs.  

What is your favourite success story from your organisation?

In the fiscal year 2022-23, Jio World Convention Centre hosted over 800 events, generating a footfall of 19,00,000+. This comprised a diverse mix of conventions, exhibitions, corporate meetings, product launches along with social and live events. Some of the landmark events were the World Congress of Accountants and a series of preparatory meetings essential to the upcoming G20 Summit. Come October, the Centre will also host the prestigious International Olympic Committee’s 2023 session.

What can we expect to see from Jio World Convention Centre in the future?

In addition to its own growth, the Jio World Convention Centre is designed to aid the overall expansion of the conventions and exhibitions industry in the country, in turn, contributing to the economic growth of India. With this in mind, it follows a robust calendar of local, national, and international events comprising trade shows, conventions, meetings and corporate events. Going forward, the Centre’s focus will be on building a roster of global clients and be able to bid, win and host some of the most prominent world gatherings of international associations.

Which topic would you like to see cover during an ICCA event?


It would be interesting to have topics such as the economic impact of business events and best practices of conventions/ case studies of conventions bureaus be discussed at upcoming ICCA events.