Nordic Chapter

ICCA Chapter Chairperson

Kent Kord Röder

Kent Kordt Röder

Chapter Chair

Head of Convention, Destination Fyn Convention Bureau

Chapter Leader Interview

We interviewed Kent Kordt Röder, to understand the Nordic Chapter initiatives, challenges, and strategies. Here's what Kent had to share:

Can you share insights into the current priorities and initiatives of the Nordic chapter of ICCA?
Now, we are focusing on several areas of interest within the Nordic chapter of ICCA. From an ICCA perspective, we are addressing the loss of members by inquiring into their reasons for leaving.
It appears that smaller destinations and CVBs, constrained by limited budgets, are forced to prioritize their expenditures. Consequently, we have reevaluated the structure of our chapter meetings.
This year, we have set the fee at €555, aiming to make participation in the chapter a preferable option for those who must make a choice.
Our suggestion should be that ICCA should consider the introduction of a differentiated membership fee to better accommodate members' diverse financial situations.
Additionally, we have initiated a 3-year work group aimed at fostering closer ties with the Nordic associations. Our goal is for them to participate in AEF and to develop a closer relationship with them. Four destinations have committed to dedicating efforts towards this initiative for the 2025-2027 period.

What do you perceive as the most significant challenges and opportunities for the European meetings and events industry in the coming year?
I believe that there will be several challenges that we need to address in the coming year. First and foremost, it is essential that all markets are prepared for the forthcoming Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria. It is crucial that we, as destinations, ensure that we meet these criteria and that our partners do as well.
Additionally, as we discussed in a recent session, our ability to conduct risk assessments will be crucial in the years ahead. This skill will be instrumental in navigating the uncertainties and complexities of the European meetings and events industry.

How do you plan to enhance collaboration and engagement among members within the chapter?
First, we are like a family, and members visit each other from time to time in smaller groups. However, collaborating with the associations will be the first step towards more frequent communication with each other. Besides that, I work closely with the Norwegian team, who will be hosting next year's chapter meeting, to ensure that all initiatives are highlighted, and information is shared.

What strategies do you have in mind to attract new members to the Nordic chapter?
To attract new members to the Nordic chapter, reducing the fees is one key strategy we believe will appeal to smaller destinations. Additionally, by sharing our data and case studies, we hope to demonstrate the value we offer to destinations considering joining. Besides off course what they receive from ICCA HQ.

On a more personal note, what motivates you to volunteer in your role as a Chapter leader for ICCA? What fuels your dedication to this position?
I truly believe that I benefit greatly from the work and the relationships I develop during discussions. With only three years in this industry, I recognized the need to quickly acquire knowledge, which is why I participated in the first ICCA Skills Program. That’s also why I am eager to contribute to the chapter.
Additionally, I appreciate the possibility that I might have a small impact on the development of the business and the issues we address, as I am always able to get in contact with voices at ICCA HQ.

We are in the business of people.

Kent Kordt Röder, Chapter Chair, Nordic Chapter