Big Data Search

ICCA launched a Big Data Search for local association representatives in May 2014.

The Big Data Search allows associations who are part of the ICCA Association Community to search for local experts that are active association meetings participants.

Utilising the vast databases of Google Scholar and Microsoft Academic Search, Associations can now identify leading academic contacts in specified cities and regions, related to a specific meeting in the ICCA Association Database or a specific meeting subject. Identifying local association representatives is highly advantageous for finding local experts that might be interested in speaking at your events.

In November 2014 an extra sophistication was added to the original search, identifying whether selected experts in local universities are also featured within the websites of associations and congresses in the selected academic field. The new edition also significantly upgrades the module which identifies the relative academic strength of the local university in a specific field, to now enable Associations within the Community to easier identify new scientific, technological or healthcare fields where they have an academic advantage.

The Big Data Search Tool is available to Associations that are part of the ICCA Association Community and can be accessed via the “My ICCA Portal”.