Young Professionals Forum 

Giving the next generation of Meeting Professionals a stage worthy of their ideas, potential, and talent.

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One of the most effective ways we can show our commitment to Legacy and to DEI is to give our Young Professionals the opportunity to seize the agenda and give them a platform to raise and discuss the issues that matter most to them. By allowing them more visibility, we are saying the future isn’t tomorrow, it’s right now.

The Young Professionals Forum pairs those keen to use their voice with leading industry mentors so they can showcase their collaboration, and share their ideas and solutions at the annual ICCA Congress. And because we believe none of us are ever too old – or too set in our ways – to learn, the sessions are open to everyone irrespective of age or position.

So if you want to be part of the initiative – as a contributor or as someone keen to know (and learn) more, contact us and be in the room when the voices of change are heard.