Industry Partners

ICCA has designed a programme for strategic collaboration with member organisations which have a clear interest in developing long-term business relations with ICCA. The programme is designed to provide a tangible meetings business platform for the Partners to ensure that they can generate a strong visibility for their brand and services, and achieve their customised commercial objectives. 

The primary benefits for an ICCA Corporate Partner is a high-level link up with – and endorsement by – ICCA. This generates prominent visibility in ICCA’s regular comms channels, and proactive collaboration to educate ICCA members and associations about the Coprorate Partner area of expertise. Partners also receive advance notice and/or first refusal to participate in ICCA-related business opportunities 

ICCA currently has the following partnerships: Association Relations, Corporate, Destination, Industry, Hospitality and Sustainability. Each targets diverse audiences and provides many unique benefits. 


Technology Partner


Destination Partner